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TruSculpt: New Pain-Free Body Sculpting Device


Buzz is starting to build around this new fat reduction procedure... primarily because of its ability to contour and lack of pain.

Introducing the TruSculpt by Cutera, a new RF (radio frequency) aesthetic device which kills fat cells with RF energy. The TruSculpt can be used for body contouring, body sculpting and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

TruSculpt for Body Contouring
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TruSculpt only requires 1 or 2 sessions. This device competes with LipoSonix & CoolSculpting, devices which actually kill fat cells which are then processed out of the body naturally. The advantage of TruSculpt is that it is pain free and the other procedures have some reported discomfort.

Ideal for any area of stubborn fat, this FDA cleared procedure is most effective on the abdomen, thighs & buttocks.

Best results are seen around 4 to 6 weeks after the treatment, although many claim an immediate loss. TruSculpt reviews imply that the procedure rates higher for fat reduction vs. cellulite reduction.