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TriPollar Included in Dr. Oz's Flat Belly Plan


Dr. Jame Heskett says Tripollar is the best solution for cellulite she's seen in her 13 years in aesthetics today on Dr. Oz

What is TriPollar Body Contouring?

TriPollar is a breakthrough in radio frequency skin tightening, TriPollar is making it easier for patients to reduce the effects of aging and reduce cellulite.

TriPollar on Dr. Oz
TriPollar technology being used to reduce cellulite on the Dr. Oz show

TriPollar has improved upon the science of previous uni-polar and bi-polar technologies in order to create an effective body sculpting system.

TriPollar technology uses focused radio frequency to penetrate beneath the surface of the skin and effectively heat the underlying tissue. Using three electrodes that focus the radio frequencies directly on the treatment area, the innovative design means increased efficiency and visible results within days after the first treatment.

On her website, Dr. Heskett says "This treatment is best for people who have one or 2 areas to address for shrinking at the same time. And it is best for people who want BOTH shrinking and skin tightening or cellulite improvement."

Results aren't instant and treatments usually consist of 8 - 10 weekly sessions, with each session lasting 30 - 60 minutes, although some doctors say it is not uncommon for patients to see some immediate results after the first session.

How much does TriPollar cost?

On the show Dr. Hasket stated TriPollar runs around $350 per treatment and 6 treatments are typically needed. These prices will vary doctor by doctor and city by city so its a good idea to call around.