Attention All Women With a Muffin Top -- Do Sensa Weight-loss Sprinkles Work?


We've all heard the commercials and many experts are skeptical, but does Sensa actually work? Some dieters say yes, but there are no long term scientific studies to support the product at this time.

What is Sensa?

Sensa is flakes made from maltodextrin and tricalcium phosphate that that you sprinkle on food. The product is intended to work with your sense of smell, fooling your brain and stomach into thinking you're full.

Can you use Sensa on any food?
"With SENSA, I could continue to eat
my favorite foods and still lose weight"
-- Quote from a Sensa Advertisement

Does Sensa Work?

Recently Dr. Oz aired a show about the new scent-based weight-loss product, Sensa with the intent of educating consumers on the product. Although, the term "fairy dust" was used in his description, he ran a very informal study with a group of six women achieving an average of 3.5 pounds of weight loss after 5 days. Interestingly, all 6 women said they would try the product again.

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Dr. Oz's conclusions were that he felt the ingredients were not harmful. He went on to say "So I think Sensa is going to work for some of you and it's definitely not going to work for others of you depending on how important taste buds are in the whole concoction that makes you eat food when you shouldn't be eating it. I do not think it should be a long term crutch for weight loss; instead my hope is you will develop a lifelong healthy relationship with food."

Dr. Garth Davis, a bariatric surgeon and star of the hit medical series BIG MEDICINE, said "There is no, and I mean NO science supporting Sensa. This is one of the many hoaxes played on a gullible public desperate to lose weight. I can not say enough negative things about the diet companies that prey upon our overweight population. If Sensa and all the other crap out there works so well then why am I so busy!"

Dr. Davis has been recognized as a Texas Monthly Super Doc and is a bestselling author of The Expert's Guide to Weight Loss Surgery.

Even the Mayo Clinic, which hasn't proven or disproved whether the product works, spells out the most critical fact about weight-loss strategies in its analysis, "focus on what's proven to work - reducing the calories you eat and increasing the calories you burn through exercise."