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Sexy Curves For The Whole Body With The S-Curve Butt Lift


Patients are achieving an hourglass figure through this procedure that focuses on more than just the buttocks alone

Beverly hills area doctor Dr. Ashkan Ghavami was recently featured on The Doctors television program, showing off a patient's results from his "S-Curve" procedure. The procedure is similar in process to the Brazilian Butt Lift, however it focuses on more than just the buttocks alone.

Dr. Ghavami has said that curves are part of how we ascribe beauty. While the procedure does place importance on the volume and shape of the rear, the overall outcome is a sexy contour throughout. The results of the S-Curve procedure give a more desirable shape to the whole body.

Read more about the S-Curve and see Actual Before and After Photos

S-Curve as Seen on The Doctors TV
S-Curve as Seen on The Doctors TV
Photo Courtesy of www.thedoctorstv.com

A very specific analysis is the first step of the process. Markings are made to highlight which areas fat and tissue will be removed from. Fat from the lower back, flanks and upper hip is removed through liposuction and reinserted into the buttocks, as well as hips and other areas if needed. The small of the back receives increased curvature by removing tissue so that the new volume in the buttocks is even more pronounced. This fat redistribution and sculpting that happens after reinsertion creates the S shaped curves that gives the procedure its name.

This turns straight lines of a more boxy figure into S shaped lines visible from the front, side/profile and rear views of a patients body.