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Are Non-Surgical Tummy Tucks Science Fiction?


On today's episode of The Doctor's TV Show, a woman with excessive loose skin from her pregnancy is treated with a non-surgical device, the Venus Freeze for skin tightening.

"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" -- We've all heard this old proverb and unfortunately many of us have experienced this disappointment.

Actual Before and After Venus Freeze Results from The Doctors TV
Actual Before and After Venus Freeze Results
Photo Courtesy www.thedoctorstv.com

So if a surgical procedure is your only option, why are there millions of dollars being spent every year for non-invasive body contouring devices? Because they work for many patients! Although a surgical tummy tuck is the standard of care for dealing with loose skin in the abdomen, there are alternatives on the market that provide acceptable results for some patients who can't stomach the idea of a major surgery or the unsightly scar. We strongly suggest you consult with qualified physicians who offer more than one treatment to see samples of their work and a realistic expectation of what your results might be. You want to see more than the brochure photo of the best result ever, you need to see "the typical result" and maybe even "their worst result." The results below are not typical.

Venus Freeze For Skin Tightening

The Venus Freeze (used by Dr. Andrew Ordon on The Doctors TV today) utilizes (RF) radio frequency and magnetic pulse energy to deliver heat to tissues that stimulate contraction and tightening of underlying collagen in the skin.
Actual Tummy Tightening Photo of Venus Freeze
Actual Venus Freeze Result by Dr. Tess Mauricio


Few procedures have stirred controversy and debate at plastic surgery conferences like the arrival of SmartLipo (ie. Laser Liposuction). The device promised to shorten the amount of time and energy required to perform a traditional liposuction procedure and tighten the skin at the same time. Although SmartLipo is considered invasive and surgical, it can often be performed without general anesthesia while the patient is awake. Watch this video of SmartLipo being performed on an awake patient.

tummy shrink lift
Actual results of Dr. Thomas Barnes Tummy Shrink Lift in Less Than 1 Hour

A Tummy ShrinkLift(TM) is a procedure using liposculpture combined with skin treatment to lift up the post-baby pooch. Developed by Dr. Thomas Barnes, a cosmetic surgeon in Newport Beach, CA, this minimally invasive procedure may be the solution to your lower belly fat. Dr. Barnes has performed the procedure live on Good Day LA in Los Angeles and been featured on NBC's The Today Show.

Viora ReFit

ReFit uses the Reaction by Viora to address excess skin by utilizing the 4 modes of radiofrequency energy combined with vacuum therapy to deeply penetrate different tissue depths. Restoring collagen helps to make skin firmer and more elastic in patients who have lost a significant amount of weight.
ReFit skin tightening results
Actual ReFit Results, Post 8 Treatments
Patient: 27 yo Male, Weight Lost: 115 lbs
NOTE: Not Biggest Loser (Israel) Contestant
Image Courtesy of Viora

As in the case of E.G., a former Biggest Loser (Israel) contestant, who lost a whopping 93 pounds in 9 months on the show through only diet and exercise.

The ReFit has been demonstrated by Dr. Sandra Lee on The Doctors TV Show.

Combination SmartLipo and Thermage

smartlipo and thermage before and after photos
Actual Results of Dr. Louis Cole with Thermage and SmartLipo Tummy Tuck Alternative

According to Dr. Louis Cole, a cosmetic surgeon who offers Thermage and Smartlipo in Atlanta, GA, combining a series of procedures maximizes his tummy tuck alternative while minimizing scarring. After traditional liposuction, Dr. Cole follows up with the Smartlipo laser to achieve some initial skin tightening.

Dr. Cole finishes up his combination with a Body Thermage treatment. "We also use the Thermage procedure in conjunction with the SmartLipo and the power assisted liposuction because the radio frequency performed right after the SmartLipo seems to synergistically work for skin tightening," states Dr. Cole, "If a patient has a large amount of fat that has been removed and they don't want to have a tummy tuck, where they have surgery to cut away skin and reposition the belly button, we use the SmartLipo with the power assisted lipo followed by the Thermage procedure."


tummy tuck alternative
Tummy Tuck Alternative, SmartLipo Results of Dr. Robert Burke

Michigan SmartLipo provider Dr. Robert Burke stresses that patients should have realistic expectations when choosing laser lipolysis over the tummy tuck and vice versa. Physicians should also carefully choose the right patient for the procedure. "An ideal candidate is a woman whose family is complete, they're close to their ideal weight with a body mass index under 30, and they're in good health." A patient with too much excess skin would not be an ideal patient for the Smartlipo procedure alone as the results would not be as dramatic as they may want.