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LipoSonix Gives Women the Stomach They Have Always Wanted


Finally get rid of those last few pesky pounds with no surgery!

"I've worked hard to get my shape back, now I want to get back in that little black dress" so says the LipoSonix website and countless women around America. But what do you do with those last couple of pounds that just wont come off? Plastic Surgery is not for the faint of heart but Dr. Andrew Ordon of The Doctors TV says you don't always have to go under the knife or even under the needle to contour away belly fat with LipoSonix.

LipoSonix is a noninvasive, totally needle-free way to banish unwanted belly fat and contour your stomach. On today's episode of The Doctors, Dr. Ordon explains how LipoSonix works by using a high intensity, very focused ultrasound to deliver ultrasonic waves to penetrate through the dermis into the subcutaneous fat layer to melt the fat. Ordon explains, "what it's causing is the medical term cavitation-you're actually exploding these fat cells." It may sound extreme, but by melting the fat and changing it's form, this allows your body to access the fat and carry it out and away permanently via your own body's lymph system. This procedure works well on the last few stubborn pounds that don't want to come off.

Actual LipoSonix Photo
Actual LipoSonix Result
Courtesty The Doctors TV

Patients can count on a nearly painless, quick procedure with the possibility of mild temporary, redness or swelling. After eight to twelve weeks, they can look for a flatter-looking midsection. LipoSonix cost runs close to other noninvasive body contouring options but still runs less than liposuction. An important distinction between LipoSonix and liposuction, LipoSonix does cost less but is better suited for contouring a small area such as the stomach whereas liposuction does cost more but gets rid of a more dramatic amount of fat. The ideal candidates for LipoSonix are individuals who are close to their ideal weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. For maximum results, combine the use of LipoSonix with exercise

LipoSonix is an exciting and useful option for many but it is important to discuss with your doctor whether or not this procedure is right for you. Learn more at www.liposonix.com .