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Fill in Smile Lines with laViv


Something to smile about: laViv uses your own cells rather than a manufactured product to help facial lines

Many patients are looking to avoid expensive fillers and do not desire foreign manufactured products in their bodies. Introducing, Laviv... a filler created from your own cells, personalized cell therapy.

laViv uses own skin cells to improve smile
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LaViv, created by Fibrocell Science, uses the patients' own cells to create an injectable that can be placed into the nasolabial folds or smile lines. Treatment begins with the extraction of a small amount of fibroblasts, a specific skin cell which in normal skin, is responsible for producing collagen. This fibroblast-rich sample is then multiplied at the company's lab to create laViv, which is then shipped back to the physician to be injected into the wrinkles. The process of creating laViv may take up to 22 weeks from extraction.

Houston Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Young Cho says, "because laViv is superficial, it's an effective way to address fine lines particularly around the mouth, crows feet, and underneath the eyes." In addition to filling lines, Cho believes laViv can also help heal burn and acne scars because collagen is stimulated as a result of the injections.

On the TODAY show with Kathy Lee and Hoda, Dr. Jeanine Downie suggests it as solid alternative to Botox or Restylane when treating nasolabial lines. The fact that these cells are produced from the patient's own cells allows patients who were previously allergic to other similar products a new filler alternative.

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