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Longer Lasting BOTOX Results With Zytaze?


Houston doctor uses Medical Supplement to make BOTOX results last up to 30% longer

Everyone would love to stretch the medicinal effects of BOTOX longer and it seems Dr. Charles Soparkar, a Houston Oculoplastic surgeon, has done just that. He calls his product Zytaze and it is currently available through your physician or by prescription.

Zytaze May Make Botox Results Last Up to 30% Longer
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Zytaze works by introducing a combination of a high level of zinc and a phosphorous-breaking supplement into the body 4 days prior to and the day of the injection of Botox. The decrease in phosphorous allows the zinc to be optimally absorbed and the zinc allows the Botox to gain a better hold in the system, yielding longer-lasting results. In fact, the Zytaze website reports between 23-30% increase in the duration of Botox results when used with Zytaze. A patient in a recent appearance on Houston Channel 2 news claimed more than a 30% increase, changing four month breaks between Botox visits into six to eight month breaks. The site suggests "fewer toxin injections at a lower dose and with less treatment-to-treatment variability in effect."

As a consumer, one can hope for not only stretching the effects of Botox longer but also a reduction in any discomfort associated with it and a reduction in cost. Most patients are eligible to be able to use Zytaze to improve their use of Botox, just check with your local doctor.

For more information visit www.Zytaze.com