Which Is Best For Me: LipoSonix or Exilis?


Patients who commonly try to compare new procedure options online are frequently confused or misled by product marketing. The following is a leading Houston Medical Spa's professional insight on the differences between LipoSonix and Exilis

When it comes to non-invasive body contouring it can be difficult to know the real differences between certain procedures. Most ads say the same thing. For those considering LipoSonix or Exilis, Chris Bailey of Ovation Med Spa offers some of his experience with both procedures and how to help determine what is best for the patient.

Which works better Exilis or LipoSonix
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Bailey says each situation is different based on who is sitting in the consultation chair; and that there is no one size fits all solution. None of the non-invasive technologies, or even surgery, is a substitute for healthy lifestyle. If someone needs to lose 50 or more pounds, there is little that these types of treatments can do. Bailey gave this example, "I've got people that have a small love handle or what I call post baby tummies. You know, women who have had children and have got some loose skin and just a small amount of fat. Using Exilis is the preferred provide skin tightening, and to shrink up the area a little bit, makes sense.

The newer technology lies with LipoSonix. One of the nice differentials with LipoSonix is that it is a onetime treatment. Bailey has noticed that sometimes a person could be a candidate for either treatment but will select LipoSonix because they don't have time to come in for 5 or more treatments. For them, LipoSonix is a preferred solution. The fact that LipoSonix offers permanent destruction of fat cells also appeals to patients. "That is the first thing they hear loud and clear," says Bailey.

As far as cost, Bailey says Exilis is typically less expensive because it doesn't have a built in consumables cost to the physician.

LipoSonix full results are seen at 2 to 3 months, but Bailey reports some people start to see results in the first few weeks. "It's a gradual process and everyone is different," says Bailey, "I've had it done myself and after 3 weeks my wife has said that she can see a difference. It's one of those things that is gradual."

Bailey says requests for Exilis outweigh requests for LipoSonix. "More people are asking for Exilis because it has been in the market longer."

Either way, the most important consideration when exploring your options is a consultation with a reputable and experienced physician and a facility that is offers many different procedure options.