Facelift Bungee: Budget Botox Alternative Seen on GMA


Referred to as the "Facelift in a Jar" or Cheap BOTOX, new product gets national media attention

Called the $25 "budget botox", and recently featured on Good Morning America, Facelift Bungee is said to mimic effects of botox for a fraction of the cost. The product is a combination of two combs and a bungee cord. The facelift in a jar promises no more pain than a "ponytail headache" and creator Kim Aschauer says you won't have to take pain medicine. Aschauer says she got the idea for the product after considering surgical procedures to look her best for her son's wedding. Prices she was quoted in consultation were astronomical and she came to her own solution "out of panic".

Woman Showing Non-Surgical Face Lift
Model Photo

The no injections product she has designed to provide skin tightening is being called Spanx for your face and is easily inserted and removed. To use the Facelift Bungee start with two small braids at each temple. Attach one comb to first braid, bring the bungee cord around and attach the other comb to the second braid.

The process claims to make women look 10 years younger. There is some skepticism over long term effects of extended use. The Huffingtong Post commented , ". . . it seems like stretching your skin for hours on end would only make your skin looser."

Dr. Terry Dubrow, the famous plastic surgeon husband of Heather Dubrow, one of The Real Housewives of Orange County told the Orange County Register, "Love the idea! So creative and I bet it works. Great for people who may want to 'try on' a facelift before going under the knife or for those who want to look great in upcoming photos to post on their Facebook page."

Although this product will be a welcome alternative, some consumers are still in search for similar benefits with longer lasting or more permanent results. Popular non-surgical facelift alternatives include: Pelleve, ThermiTight and Thermage.