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Considering Laser Tattoo Removal?


If you are serious about laser tattoo removal, you need the best lasers combined with a doctor who has experience removing tattoos with a laser.

The hard truth of some fads is that they are permanent. Maybe you are entering the work force, have an ex's name on your body, or your values and views have changed with age (or the addition of children). These days wanting a tattoo removed is growing more popular. Laser tattoo removal has become more efficient and less painful. Physicians can now treat a wider range of ink colors and designs to provide patients with superior results.

Dr. Janee Steinberg, who offers laser tattoo removal in Boca Raton says she sees several patients who are now working professionals and find that their tattoos limit them in social situations. "There are many people who come to me and they say, 'I did this when I was young and foolish and now I'm grown up and in the business world," says Dr. Steinberg. Dr. Steinberg said that the designs of the tattoos she removes come in many shapes, colors and styles, but she aims to give patients the confidence of being ink-free.

laser tattoo removal before and after
Laser tattoo removal results of Dr. Janee Steinberg

Dr. Steinberg says the best way to remove tattoos is with several treatments so that no one session is overly aggressive or causes scarring. She cautions her patients about what improvement they can reasonably expect. It requires several different lasers to treat a wide range of ink colors. "You need a machine that has the ability to do black ink and red ink at least. The other colors - green and purple and orange and yellow are very difficult to remove, and the patient has to really understand from the beginning that you may not be able to remove every bit of ink that they have."
tattoo removal before and after
Laser tattoo removal results of Dr. Janee Steinberg

Ryan Lambert, president of Astanza Lasers an international medical equipment company that specializes in lasers to remove tattoos, tells patients, "the essential characteristic of an appropriate laser for tattoo removal is that it be "q-switched". This technology, a hallmark of all Astanza systems and those of other leading manufacturers, allowing effective and safe treatments of unwanted tattoos."