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Removing Extra Skin Down There With Labiaplasty


If you're unhappy with the way your lady parts look, a labiaplasty may address the excessive skin and potentially increase comfort and sexual stimulation.

As seen on The Doctors TV - September 5, 2012

For many years, women who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their external genitalia have suffered in silence. Extended or over-large labia may not only be a source of great embarrassment to the patient but may actually cause physical discomfort as well. With information being made accessible, more and more women are discovering vaginal rejuvenation procedures such as the labiaplasty, otherwise known as Designer Vaginas.

Dr. Grant Stevens performs a Labiaplasty procedure on The Doctors TV
Dr. Grant Stevens performs a Labiaplasty procedure on The Doctors TV

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As seen on The Doctors, the external parts of the vagina consist of the labia minora and labia majora. Having excessive tissue in the labia minora, or the inner lips of the vagina which overhang, may be based simply on genetics, aging or childbirth but regardless of the cause, this condition may be crippling. Patients who have over-large labia are limited in clothing choices and activities due to extreme discomfort and emotional distress. For many, sexual intercourse may be painful and may lead to dysfunction.

According to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens, who performed the procedure on the show and provides labiaplasty in Los Angeles, CA, "The Labia Minora reduction surgery is done most commonly to reduce pain. Many women who have larger labia minora will often experience pain with intercourse or pain with normal activities such as bike riding or wearing tight clothing, chafing and pain while running and so forth."

Dr. Stevens attributes increased demand for Designer Vaginas to available information on the internet and the media, on popular national television shows such as The Doctors. "There has been a major increase in women seeking information and surgery on labia, mons, and vagina," states Dr. Stevens, "Some have referred to this as a 'Designer Vagina' in the media. The reason for this increased demand is the availability of information on the internet and the media."

Coupled with the relative ease of the procedure, more and more women are deciding to give their vaginas a revamp. "Another compelling reason that women decide to undergo this type of procedure is they experience 'emotional pain' and embarrassment due to their large labia minora." A labiaplasty, which is a surgical procedure, may help remove excess skin, therefore, increasing comfort and pleasure while alleviating pain and emotional distress.

Performed under local anesthesia, patients are awake during the labiaplasty procedure. The labia minora is mainly skin and subcutaneous tissue so excision of the extra skin, sometimes up to the length and size of a human middle finger, is fairly simple with immediate results.

If you suffer from this condition, you are not alone and there are options available to help you. Although not considered a cure for sexual dysfunction, a labiaplasty can greatly improve confidence which may eventually lead to comfort and sexual fulfillment.