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Lasers To Reduce Pore Size?


Large pore sizes may not only be unsightly but may lead to greater occurrences of acne breakout. A new use of an existing laser may offer patients a way to reduce the size of their pores for tighter, smoother skin.

If you are unhappy about the size of your pores, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in your misery. Many women suffer from large pore size which has given birth to the increasing market of toners, lotions, creams, gels and ointments that claim to reduce the appearance of pores.

reducing large pore size
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Generally speaking, smaller pores make the skin appear more youthful, tighter and smoother. Genetics plays a large role in your pore size and similar to the shape of your nose or color of your eyes, it isn't always that easy to change an undesirable feature.

However, as recently seen on The Doctors, a different use of a laser typically used for tattoo removal may offer patients a way to reduce the size of their pores. The combination of the Spectra Laser, a dual-pulse ND:Yag laser, which is also used to treat pigmented lesions, and a carbon-based lotion allow for the laser to penetrate the skin to treat the pigment from the lotion, resulting in tighter pores.

A simple and nearly pain-free treatment, dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee recommends 3-5 treatments spaced out over 2-4 weeks. Results are tighter and smaller pores but as the aging process continues, skin will begin to lose its elasticity and pores may enlarge again.

In addition to simply disliking the appearance of large pores, another skin condition that patients with large pores may experience is greater occurrence of acne breakouts. Since individuals with larger pores may secrete more sebum, or body oil, the pores have a greater propensity to become clogged, resulting in acne, blackheads or whiteheads.

Common acne treatments include topical and oral medications and cleansers that contain salicylic acid. Boca Raton and Ft. Lauderdale board certified dermatologist Dr. Janee Steinberg states, "Products for acne would include gentle cleansers and toners or products that include salicylic acid."

For more stubborn acne or acne scarring, Dr. Steinberg recommends the Silk Peel microdermabrasion system that combines deep exfoliation with skin-specific solutions, such as the salicylic solution, for more precise skin care. "Microdermabrasion devices typically have crystals in them to treat the entire surface of the face for pigment, fine lines and pores," explains Dr. Steinberg, "With the Silk Peel, non-invasive microdermabrasion is combined with medication that is specific to the needs of the patient's skin."

In addition, a new laser has become available that may offer patients with acne scarring a way to resurface their skin: Clear+Brilliant. According to Marina Del Rey board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens, "I've noticed some exciting changes on acne and acne scars with the Clear+Brilliant. We have some employees and patients that have acne scars that have seen absolute improvement with this laser treatment."

But as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and in this case, to prevent acne or acne scarring, controlling pore size may be critical to maintaining beautiful, clear skin!