10 Surefire Ways to Never Reach Your Weight Loss Goals


The best way to reach your weight loss goals or even to just improve your health is debatable, but we can tell you some surefire methods to hinder your progress. These 10 un-awesome habits may keep you exactly where you are forever.

  1. The Blame Game Blaming society for your problems is so counterproductive. As long as you put the problem outside yourself you relinquish your ability to change.
  2. Busy Mom Cooking Dinner
    Hectic Schedules are Often Blamed

  3. "Loving Your Curves" You don't have to be a size 2 to be beautiful. However, if you have to pay extra for bigger clothes and can barely make it up the stairs, it's time for a change. Telling yourself you're just "curvy" is dishonest and you can't convince yourself an unhealthy weight is okay.

  4. Going to Extremes There is a reason there are so many different types of foods and only they can provide what you need from them. You need these different foods. More importantly, you can't stick to something that makes you uncomfortable.

  5. Frantic Deadlines It took you time to get where you are and it will take at least equal time to get back. There's no deadline. You need to make it to the finish line and set up camp there.

  6. "The Diet" Dieting doesn't work. You need to change your habits for the long term or you will not make it out alive. You may be able to lose weight, but you won't keep it off and you could forever distort your view of food.

  7. Competing With Others You can never ever have that body you stare at longingly in the magazine. Don't make life harder than it is by setting impossible goals. The only impossible goal is to be someone else.

  8. Putting Up Walls Don't separate the "you" from the world and make everyone else "them." Adopting the "me against the world" mentality will only cause you pain. Your family and friends can help you, and they will once they see your serious.

  9. Going Against Your Body Type There is no such thing as big boned. Anatomically we all look mostly the same. If you're 5'4, it is ridiculous to aim to look like a fashion model.

  10. Lack of Structure Possibly the most detrimental aspect of not planning is that it makes you feel like a failure, when you're not. In reality, without a plan you never had a chance. Write down your goals, do your research, get professional help, and see your dreams come to fruition.

  11. Defining Your True Beauty by How You Look If you want to lose weight, let it be so you can be comfortable and have a higher quality of life. Know that you're only enhancing the beauty you already possess. How you look is not who you are. We just want you to be healthy and feel good. So set yourself up for success by avoiding these negative habits.