Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck Options


There are several alternatives to a traditional tummy tuck available however none can achieve the results of a surgical abdominoplasty. Despite this many patients are willing to settle for less dramatic results than undergo anesthesia, surgery and scars

Are there procedures that rival the "gold standard" of repairing muscle and tightening loose belly skin as effectively as a surgical tummy tuck? The simple answer is no... but below are some incredible results for patients seeking alternatives to the traditional tummy tuck.


Although SmartLipo is considered invasive and surgical, it can often be performed without general anesthesia while the patient is awake. Watch this video of SmartLipo being performed live on TV.

tummy shrink lift
Actual results of Dr. Thomas Barnes Tummy Shrink Lift in Less Than 1 Hour

A Tummy ShrinkLift(TM) is a procedure using liposculpture combined with skin treatment to lift up the post-baby pooch we moms know so well. Developed by Dr. Thomas Barnes, a cosmetic surgeon in Newport Beach, CA, this minimally invasive procedure may be the solution to your lower belly fat. Dr. Barnes has performed the procedure live on Good Day LA in Los Angeles and been featured on NBC's The Today Show.


Combination SmartLipo and Thermage

smartlipo and thermage before and after photos
Actual Results of Dr. Louis Cole with Thermage and SmartLipo Tummy Tuck Alternative

According to Dr. Louis Cole, a cosmetic surgeon who offers Smartlipo and Thermage in Atlanta, GA, he will combine a series of procedures to maximize his tummy tuck alternative while minimizing scarring. After traditional liposuction, Dr. Cole will follow up with the Smartlipo laser to achieve some initial skin tightening. "If we're going to work on a larger patient, we can remove some of the fat with the power assisted liposuction or with the small micro cannular liposuction, then we use the skin tightening and the sculpting ability of the SmartLipo to get definition and skin tightening," describes Dr. Cole.

After which, Dr. Cole finishes up his combination with a Body Thermage treatment. "We also use the Thermage procedure in conjunction with the SmartLipo and the power assisted because the radio frequency performed right after the SmartLipo seems to synergistically work for skin tightening," states Dr. Cole, "If a patient has a large amount of fat that has been removed and they don't want to have a tummy tuck, where they have surgery to cut away skin and reposition the belly button, we use the SmartLipo with the power assisted lipo followed by the Thermage procedure."


tummy tuck alternative
Tummy Tuck Alternative, SmartLipo Results of Dr. Robert Burke

Michigan SmartLipo provider Dr. Robert Burke stresses that patients should have realistic expectations when choosing laser lipolysis over the tummy tuck and vice versa, physicians should also carefully choose the right patient for the procedure. "An ideal candidate is a woman whose family is complete, they're close to their ideal weight with a body mass index under 30, and they're in good health." A patient with too much excess skin would not be an ideal patient for the Smartlipo procedure alone as the results would not be as dramatic as they may want.