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Botox for Breast Implants: Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation


Dr. Matthew Schulman uses BOTOX and the Keller Funnel as part of his Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation Technique

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A common complaint of women who receive breast implants is the pain and discomfort following the procedure. Several plastic surgeons have devised methods for shortening this recovery time, one such popular alternative was the Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation which we have covered before. Dr. Matthew Schulman, a plastic surgeon in Manhattan, uses BOTOX and the Keller Funnel as part of his rapid recovery breast augmentation.

Dr. Schulman explained that by putting Botox in the muscle, the breast will look like they're going to month's after the procedure in just a few weeks. We've all seen those implants that are sitting up high and people tend to hate the first two months after the procedure, so the doctor assures them its normal and the implants are going to drop, which they do. Dr. Schulman has experienced that using Botox speeds this process along in a fast forward mode.
Actual Photos of Botox for Breast Implants
Actual Botox for Breast Implants Photo by Dr. Matthew Schulman
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In an interview with American Health and Beauty, Dr. Schulman described the benefits of his Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation, "Why should my patient have to wait three or four months until they look good? The reason the implants are staying up high is because the chest muscles are holding them up high. By putting Botox in I'm paralyzing that muscle, in very specific places so its weakening and allows the implant to just drop into position... I'm fast forwarding the recovery process three or four months. And then what I've also found is because the chest muscle is relaxed and partially paralyzed, there's less muscle spasm and less muscle spasm means less pain so my patients aren't complaining of this crampy spasm in their chest that occurs for weeks or months after augmentation surgery."

Dr. Schulman is presenting his BOTOX Breast Augmentation on The Doctor's TV Show March 6, 2012.

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