5 Ways Shrink Your Waist Without Dieting


Donít waste your life forever alternating between starving and binging. These simple tricks will help you shrink your waistline without a single day of dieting.

Dieting is not fun. Life should be fun, right? So don't waste one more day dieting to reach some magical weight. Instead, just cut out the useless junk and add some of the good stuff in its place.

  1. Cut out soda

    A staff writer for Dailynews.com reported that using interviews with 43,000 adults and 4,000 adolescents statewide, the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research analyzed the correlation between soft drink consumption and weight. It's just not necessary. Water was put on this earth for us to drink and we ignore it. Let's stop. Soda has no nutritional value whatsoever. Commit to cutting out soda and restoring your body to its most natural, fit state by drinking more water, less toxic sludge.
    Woman with Muffin Top
    Keep going till an old pair of jeans fits again!

  2. Replace Crunchy Snack with vegetables

    Like most you probably crave salty, sweet, or crunchy snacks most often. If you're craving a salty or crunchy snack, have some veggies that fit the description. You don't have to deny yourself, just make healthier choices. So grab some salted kale chips, broccoli, sliced carrots, or water chestnuts to satisfy your need for antioxidants and your craving for crunch.

  3. Stock up on Fruits instead of Snacks

    Number one, before any other diet destroyer, is the sweet tooth. The craving for sweets reigns supreme as the mother of all cravings. Chocolate, cookies, cake, cereal, how could we ever live without sugar? You don't have to. Sugar is not bad for you. Processed sugar is. Natural sugar from fruits can satisfy cravings just like candy if you let it. This sugar will then be used for energy instead of stored as fat.

  4. Commit to Light Cardio We don't want to turn you into another hopeless case of cardio gone wrong so listen up closely. Cardio is a good thing, but don't abuse it. Bodybuilding.com lists improved heart health, increased metabolism, improved hormone profile, improved recovery ability, and management of diabetes as a few of the benefits of cardio. The main benefit is that cardio burns calories while you do it. 30 minutes of light cardio a day can help you burn calories you in turn won't have to sacrifice from your diet.

  5. 3-4 Days of Weights

    Weights are the other half of the puzzle. Don't be afraid to put on a little muscle. A pound of muscle burns almost 10 times the amount of calories for daily maintenance than fat. As we age, our metabolisms decline due to muscle loss. Fight an expanding waist line and other signs of aging by hitting the weights 3-4 times a week and preserving your muscle.

You never have to diet again. You can shrink down multiple sizes just by making these small healthy changes and committing to being a better you every day.