Intuitive Eating; Nature's Weight Loss Mechanism


Coined by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch in their 1995 book, "Intuitive Eating," the philosophy that changed dieting forever still makes sense. Years of success affirm that listening to your body is more effective than tracking calories and dieting.

According to Tribole and Resch, applying these proven principles to your daily eating habits can improve your relationship with food and release you from the need to constantly diet

  1. Reject Diet Mentality

    Dieting gives you a guilt complex, a slow metabolism, and makes you a magnet for disordered eating. Drop the word from your dictionary and accept that whatever you're eating is your diet, good or bad.
    Love Healthy Eating
  2. Honor your hunger

    Pay attention to the anger, the irritability, the headaches you feel when you're hungry. Try to eat before you reach that point. When you're comfortable and you know you're not hungry, honor that and do not eat.
  3. Make peace with food

    Our society's warped image of beauty has really tainted food's image along with it. Since when did food become the enemy? Food is delicious. Food gives us energy. Food is our friend. Treat it as such.
  4. Challenge food police

    When you listen to your body, you can go ahead and ignore people around you who may question how little or how much you eat. Trust us; they're not there to help.
  5. Feel fullness

    Sometimes we eat past the point where we feel our stomach stretching to accommodate more than it needs. Eat slowly, savor the food, and pay attention to your stomach. Don't let it get to the point you have to unbutton your pants and loosen your belt.
  6. Discover satisfaction

    Ever notice how after you eat a huge meal at a fast food restaurant you just feel low in energy and sick? Better choices like vegetables, fruits, and other whole foods will help you not only feel full, but satisfied.
  7. Cope without food

    Food is comforting in time when we just need to feel numb from pain. However, we must find other ways to cope with difficulties.
  8. Respect your body

    This simply means don't do things for your mind that is bad for your body. Don't torture your body with starvation or overload when you know in your heart it's not good for it. And don't practice negative self-talk. Your body is beautiful as is, what you do to distort it is not its fault.
  9. Exercise Enjoyably

    Hours on the elliptical - yea, not enjoyable. Play a fun sport, walk the dogs, join a dance class. Do something you like and want to do. You'll stick with it and reap the most benefit.
  10. Honor your health

    Coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, lung cancer. These are all diseases that make life hard and short, all caused by what you put in your body. Keep your health in mind and put it first.