Oxygenetix to Banish a Blemish


Oxygenetix included on Dr. Andrew Ordon's "Five Ways to Banish the Blemish" on The Doctors TV

After today's appearance on The Doctors, Oxygentix is trending on American Health and Beauty

Oxygenetix on The Doctors
Photo Courtesy thedoctorstv.com

Oxygenetix creator, Barry Knapp, developed the breathable foundation as a tool for aesthetic physicians to eliminate downtime as much as possible with their patients. Barry Knapp told American Health and Beauty, "It is the best thing you can wear on your skin after a procedure, it has rapidly become a favorite with doctors, estheticians, dermatologists and other practitioners." Oxygenetix provides complete coverage for all procedural wounds, such as burns, cuts, bruises and skin conditions, i.e. rosacea, melasma, acne, scars or any skin discoloration.

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