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Body-Jet: Using Water-Assisted Liposuction For Body Sculpting


Body-Jet, the liposuction procedure which uses water to gently break up fat may be used as a secondary procedure to further sculpt the body or to fix previous liposuction attempts.

Liposuction has come a long way from when it was first introduced in the 70s. Traditional liposuction uses mechanical force provided by the physician and depends solely on their ability to break up fat with the sharp tip of the cannula. However, more sophisticated technology has evolved since then and one of the most novel devices today uses water to dislodge fat cells, in the water-assisted liposuction procedure {!Body-Jet}.

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Recently seen on The Doctors, water-assisted liposuction was used as a revision body contouring procedure to fix previous liposuction results that a patient was dissatisfied with. In her search for an hour-glass figure, the initial liposuction procedure left her with bumps, fat deposits and scar tissue. Her new physician, Dr. Katherine Begovic, elected to use the Body-Jet to revise the patient's waistline.

Developed in Germany in 2000, Body-Jet has been used in Europe and Asia since 2004. FDA approved for use in the US in 2008, many physicians have turned to this new liposuction technology to help patients achieve the look they desire. According to Bay Area liposuction surgeon Dr. Daryl Hoffman, "The Body-Jet uses a jet of water to dislodge the fat. It actually harvests the fat and you can collect that fat for use in transfer later."

Along with many new liposuction techniques which have recently emerged that use different modes of energy to disrupt fat, the Body-Jet uses water to dislodge intact fat cells from their connective tissues. This makes the water-assisted liposuction ideal for patients who are interested in a procedure that is also gaining in popularity, the fat transfer.

Fat transfers allow patients to use their harvested fat to add a natural filler to their face in lieu of synthetic facial fillers, to the breasts in a Natural Breast Augmentation or to the buttocks for a Brazilian Butt Lift. This was previously not possible with traditional liposuction as the fat cells were destroyed with the sharp tip of the cannula and could not be re-introduced into a different part of the body.

Many physicians believe water-assisted liposuction is more gentle and causes less trauma to surrounding tissue. Dr. Hoffman says he likes to use Body-Jet for follow up treatments after a previous liposuction procedure. "We find that it is a good method to get out more fat when other forms of liposuction have been used and you're trying to do a secondary treatment for better results."

Physicians who have experience with the Body-Jet have noted quicker recovery and less downtime which they have attributed to the use of water as the force behind removing fat. Many believe that the procedure is faster and more effective than standard liposuction and patients are have reported excellent results.

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