3 Common New Year's Resolutions Revamped


Achieve your New Year's resolutions by setting specific and attainable goals and being positive and reasonable, even if there are setbacks.

As we put the first week of the new year behind us, our well-intentioned resolutions are beginning to flag. It happens to the best of us and even if it seems to happen every year, you can make it different this year. Make your goals more effective and attainable by being specific, positive, and reasonable.

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  1. Lose Weight & Get in Shape

    It is an understandable, admirable goal. The only issue is it's a bit vague. On the subject of specificity, "lose weight and get in shape" could be narrowed down to numbers. By using your own current weight and specifying a certain number you want to get down to, you make weight loss a specific goal. By saying you now weigh 150 pounds and you'd like to weigh 130, you now know you want to lose 20 pounds. Doing your proper research, you'll learn that 1-2 pounds a week is considered healthy.

    Suppose you were to lose the maximum two pounds a week, then you'd need 10 weeks to do this. How much more likely would anyone be to stick with this New Year's resolution if they knew that it could be completed in only two months? A lot. Give yourself this inspiration. Tell yourself you can do it and with such a reasonable time goal, you can. Find professional help, be it a person or a book and start tweaking your diet and exercise to reach this goal. (Hint: You'll need to be specific about this too.)

  2. Start Eating Right

    Here is where the guidance from a professional is most beneficial. You really need to know what "right" is. You'll need to narrow down what it is about your current diet that's wrong. You can't fix your whole diet overnight so give yourself a time limit; let's say three months to get your act together.

    You may be the world's worst eater all around, but to get started, let's narrow it down to one thing you have to give up. You can decide to forgo fast food, sweets, eating late at night, giving in to temptation at work, or the habit you wish most to break. Write down the choices you will make every day to change this behavior and the behaviors you will replace it with. Log everything you do regarding this every day and provide yourself with constructive criticism and positive commentary.

  3. Exercise Regularly

    With this one all you have to do is pin down a goal for how you want to change your body and find a specific workout to achieve that goal. Then, schedule your workouts for specific days and make your goal to keep those commitments to yourself. Your goal here is not weight loss or any specific change, it's to regularly exercise. That's a great place to start. Stay positive, stay consistent, and stay accountable.

Don't let your New Year's resolution be another fleeting dream that you've given up on by mid January. With the right amount of knowledge and planning, you can achieve your goals. Do your research and hold yourself accountable for every step in your plan but be positive! Setbacks will happen but take it in stride and keep working towards those weight loss goals.