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Liposonix: Newest Weapon Against Belly Fat Without Surgery


Liposonix, the newest to join non-invasive spot fat reduction, may offer patients a way to drop up to one pant or dress size by using high-intensity focused ultrasound energy.

As the trend of cosmetic surgical procedures becoming less invasive continues to rise, another trend is also gaining in momentum: non-surgical fat reduction. In the past few years, several non-surgical procedures have been FDA approved to shrink fat, including Coolsculpting which uses cryolipolysis, Zerona with low-level laser therapy and VASER Shape which uses ultrasound.

liposonix spot fat reduction
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From Solta Medical, the makers of the popular Fraxel and Thermage treatments, Liposonix is the newest to join the non-invasive spot fat reduction category. FDA cleared for non-invasive waist circumference reduction, Liposonix may offer patients a way to effectively drop one dress or pant size, without going under the knife.

According to renowned Miami board certified dermatologist Dr. Leslie Baumann, "Liposonix is focused ultrasound beams that generate heat to a specific area. This causes injury specifically to the fat which is then reabsorbed by the body." Dr. Baumann, who is involved in several FDA studies that look at methods of reducing fat, is one of the first in the country to offer this technology at her practice in Miami, FL.

Dr. Baumann explains, "Similar to how Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to focus the beam on the skin for skin tightening, Liposonix focuses intense ultrasound to the fat layer for fat reduction." Liposonix uses higher energy and higher frequency ultrasound in a controlled manner to destroy targeted fat at the waistline without damaging skin or surrounding tissues.

Unlike other types of non-invasive body contouring procedures which require several treatments spaced out over weeks, Liposonix consists of a single 1- hour treatment, which makes it very convenient for patients. According to the manufacturer, after 1 treatment, patients can expect to permanently lose up to one inch or 2.5 cm, which roughly translates to going down one dress or pant size.

Dr. Baumann, who has had extensive experience with ultrasound technology, says, "Only one Liposonix treatment is needed per area and over 8-12 weeks, the body dissolves the fat." While the Liposonix has not been available in the U.S. for long, in fact, devices have only begun shipping out to providers this week, Dr. Baumann surmises that future treatments may be performed 12 weeks after the initial treatment to get further reduction.

Liposonix and other non-surgical fat reduction procedures will not deliver results as dramatic as liposuction nor is it a substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise but for patients who have stubborn unwanted belly fat, Liposonix may be the answer. An ideal candidate for Liposonix is and individual who diets and exercises but may have love handles or abdominal fat they cannot get rid of.

Due to the newness of the procedure, other than what was presented from the clinical research trials that led to FDA approval, Dr. Baumann cannot discuss anymore about the effectiveness or long-term effects of Liposonix. However, clinical trials have shown that Liposonix is safe and effective when used properly. Liposonix has been used in Europe and Canada for several years. Dr. Baumann is now offering Liposonix for $3,500 and $4,000 per treatment at her practice Baumann Cosmetic & Research Institute.

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