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Thermage Is Number 1 In 2011 American Health and Beauty Readers' Choice Awards


The best of 2011 in aesthetic medicine, as researched by readers of American Health and Beauty, is awarded to skin tightening procedure: Thermage.

As 2011 comes to a close, the 2011 Readers' Choice Awards from American Health and Beauty honors the top non-surgical and surgical procedures in aesthetic medicine. Spanning several categories, this year's big winner of being the most popular and researched procedure is Thermage.

2011 best aesthetic procedure

As we age, skin begins to lose elasticity and collagen degrades with slower replenishment. It is therefore no surprise that one of the most popular conditions researched on American Health and Beauty is skin tightening. Previously only possibly corrected by a facelift, which is a major surgical procedure, new technology has become available in the past decade that effectively tightens skin by encouraging new collagen to grow and improving skin texture and tone.
thermage body results photo
Actual Thermage Results of Dr. Marie DiLauro
Columbus, Ohio

FDA approved since 2002, Thermage has been considered by many to be the gold standard in non-surgical skin tightening. A member of the Solta Medical family, Thermage has gone through several iterations, the most recent version of the device being Thermage Comfort Pulse Technology (CPT). "Thermage has been in development for quite a few years," says Boca Raton and Ft. Lauderdale board certified dermatologist Dr. Janee Steinberg. "Each year there seems to be an advance in Thermage technology. Now, the latest is the Thermage CPT - Comfort Pulse Technology."
body thermage skin tightening
Actual Body Thermage Results by Dr. Janee Steinberg
Post Treatment: 4 Months

Also the winner of the Best Non-Surgical Body Contouring award at THE Aesthetic Academy (TAA) Awards in Miami, FL, Thermage may be used as a skin tightening treatment for the body to treat loose skin and/or cellulite. "We chose Thermage to treat the patient because we feel it is the best modality for targeting tissue tightening," describes Dr. Steinberg, "Although the legs had the appearance of cellulite, the problem was more from the draping of the tissue as opposed to irregular fat deposits found in true cellulite."

Using radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat the deeper layers of skin, Thermage reduces laxity, smoothing, tightening and contouring loose skin. The procedure may be performed on patients of all skin colors. According to the manufacturer, Thermage heats the deepest layers of skin, even more so than lasers or other RF devices. By treating these innermost layers of skin, existing collagen is tightened and the formation of new and natural collagen eventually leads to tighter, more youthful appearing skin.
thermage body results photo
Actual Thermage Results of Dr. Janee Steinberg

Thermage reaches deep into the tissue to tighten skin from within and may be slightly uncomfortable since an effective and high temperature must be met to achieve the best results. However, Thermage CPT combines cooling bursts and vibration between each heat pulse to increase greatly patient comfort.

While the results are not as dramatic as a facelift, Thermage is ideal for patients who are not ready for surgery but recognize they have skin laxity and would like to improve the tone and texture of their skin for a more youthful appearance. One of the advantages of Thermage is typically, only one treatment is necessary vs. multiple treatments of procedures which use lesser energy.

2011 ahb readers choice awards

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