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Houston Plastic Surgeon Describes Removing Excess Skin After Massive Weight Loss


Dr. Paul Vitenas, Houston board certified plastic surgeon, explains 5 things to consider prior to undergoing a Body Lift.

A major surgical procedure, a Body Lift can help patients with an excessive amount of loose skin after major weight loss. "A body lift is an absolutely wonderful procedure. It's very powerful and can give a woman back her waistline and give her a nice S-curve to her hips and waist. It balances both the front and the back and is truly a transformative procedure," describes Houston board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Vitenas.

Here are 5 things to consider before undergoing a Body Lift in Houston:

  1. A body lift is not for weight loss, it is a procedure to remove over laying or sagging skin after significant weight loss
  2. The ideal candidate for a body lift is anyone who has lost significant amount of weight and now has an apron-like or excess of sagging skin in the abdomen, arms or breasts
  3. Although some fat may be removed with liposuction performed at the same time, a body lift is mainly for skin removal and not for fat reduction
  4. Body lift surgery is a major surgery, and should not be taken lightly - stages of recovery could take from 2-6 weeks or more
  5. Scarring is an initial concern with body lift patients but these concerns are usually dissipated once they see the new shape of their body
body lift results dr. paul vitenas
Actual Body Lift Results by Dr. Paul Vitenas