Friday Fact or Fiction: Cleansing Is Necessary For Weight Loss


VERDICT: Fiction - Cleansing has gained some notoriety as a "weight loss tool" but even if it is beneficial as a jump start to losing weight, it is up to you to make big lifestyle changes afterwards.

As if the weight loss and dieting industry needs another excuse to promote fad diets - the recent big thing is body cleansing. Similar to how a house may need spring cleaning and you throw things out that you no longer need to clear up some space, the concept of cleansing is your body needs a thorough cleansing or flushing to help you lose weight. Like other diet fads, cleansing is really not necessary to help you lose weight effectively.

is cleansing necessary for losing weight
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It is important to identify the different types of cleanses. The first type is available in supplement form: a regimen of pills or a liquid you drink over a certain amount of days to flush your system. The second type of cleansing involves a form of detox diet.

If your diet consists of pastries, snacks, fast food, and high calorie food like pizza on a regular basis - it may be beneficial for you to undergo a cleansing. This might also be true if you consume large amounts of alcohol regularly. There are things we do on a daily basis that we know are bad for us, including what we eat and drink. Unfortunately, most people don't seek change until they are either very overweight or sick.

As a society, we truly have to outgrow this idea that we can always find answers in random super extreme quick fixes. It's almost as if we'll do anything to avoid having to eat healthily and exercise regularly because we think there is a magic cure that will allow us to to continue our bad habits now. Sadly, there is no magic cure nor is there a quick fix. While a cleanse can be beneficial for other reasons, it will not help you lose weight - especially if you return to your bad habits immediately afterwards.

It is therefore vitally important that if you choose to undergo a cleanse, you are also willing to make a lifestyle change from that point on. A cleanse alone will not make you lose weight. Most cleanses are designed to make you excrete toxic material - supplemental cleanses usually only contain laxative herbs and fiber to encourage bowel movements.

You may experience an initial amount of weight loss and some people do experience other benefits from cleansing such as increased energy, riddance of parasites, decreased bloating and gastrointestinal issues, and increased metabolism. These benefits may lead to weight loss if the individual strives to live healthier post-cleanse. There is no evidence that undergoing a cleanse has anything to directly do with weight loss.

The second type of cleansing, which often involves dietary cleanses of fasting and juice diets - we must point out that anyone will experience weight loss with by fasting and having only juice for a few days. This does not mean the weight loss is permanent nor does it mean it is sustainable, without making big lifestyle changes.

If you are feeling low in energy or simply tired of trashing your body, cleansing isn't be a bad idea. Just don't expect a one-week "cleanse" to completely wash you of your dieting sins and eliminate your weight issues. The only tried and proven approach to reaching your weight loss goals is leading a healthy lifestyle and only you can decide to do that. Do one spring cleaning and then it's your job to maintain a clean system by eating clean and exercising regularly.