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Best Surgical Body Shaping Winner At TAA Features Breast Reconstruction


THE Aesthetic Academy (TAA) winner for his results in the Best Surgical Body Shaping category, Dr. Jorge Perez's breast reconstruction results restore balance to a patient's body.

At this year's annual Aesthetic Academy (TAA) aesthetic practice seminar at The EPIC Hotel in Miami, FL, the first-time ever Aesthetic Awards Miami were held to honor the best surgical and non-surgical results by aesthetic physicians in South Florida. Results were submitted by many but only a handful of physicians were selected for the honor of Best Results in the Top 5 categories for body and face enhancement.

The honor of Best Surgical Body Shaping Results was given to Ft. Lauderdale board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Jorge Perez. Dr. Perez, who has made numerous television appearances on shows such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Univision and Telemundo as an expert on plastic surgery won the Best Surgical Body Shaping Award with his results from a breast reconstruction from a previously botched breast augmentation (by another surgeon). Dr. Perez, who has a special interest in breast surgery is often referred complex breast cases.

According to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), breast augmentation remains the most popular surgical procedure performed in 2010. In the past decade, from 2000, the procedure has shot up 22% to nearly 300,000 breast augmentation procedures being performed in 2010. While it may seem like a fairly routine surgical procedure, it is still extremely important for patients to seek an experienced, qualified and competent surgeon to perform the procedure as serious complications may occur.

As exemplified in the case that garnered Dr. Perez the Best Body Shaping Surgical Award, this patient had a previous breast augmentation that had gone very wrong. "Our patient, a delightful young woman, had breast augmentation performed by a local surgeon, after which, she suffered severe malposition of both breasts," explains Dr. Perez, "This was a very complex case. Surgery can be especially tricky when we try to change multiple components."
dr. jorge perez breast revision ft lauderdale
Dr. Jorge Perez wins
Best Surgical Body Shaping
Award at THE Aesthetic Academy

The patient, who had come to see Dr. Perez about her previously botched breast augmentation was not only experiencing both implant malposition and grade 4 capsular contracture but there was also a sponge left within the breast cavity that needed to be removed. According to Dr. Perez, no early records were available as her previous surgeon has skipped town. The patient was not only understandably upset about her appearance, she was also experiencing a lot of pain as well.

To restore balance to the patient's body, Dr. Perez performed a breast revision that would ultimately correct the position of the implants in the breast and remove the egregious sponge. "On the right side, we used the patient's own internal breast capsule to reconstruct and reshape the pocket to a more medial and higher position. The inframammary fold needed to be recreated," states Dr. Perez, "On the left side, the sponge and scar tissue were removed, the capsule was stripped and the pocket also had to be reshaped."

After which, New Mentor implants were placed into a more medial position to enhance the cleavage. As Dr. Perez points out, "It's all about the cleavage!" By revising the patient's botched breast augmentation, Dr. Perez not only helped her aesthetically by balancing the breasts but reduced the potential dangers of her previous surgery, including the sponge and scar tissue from the capsular contracture.

According to Dr. Perez, the patient did very well post operatively and is extremely grateful for the outcome.