Stem Cell Device Cytori Celution One Receives European CE Mark


The Next-Generation Device used to separate stem cells and regenerative cells from a patient's fat has been approved by European regulators.

According to Cytori, the Celution One is tailored specifically for the hospital as a platform device with potential life-critical applications across multiple specialties. The Celution? platform is a GMP-compliant technology that extracts and concentrates a patient's own stem and progenitor cells from adipose (fat) at the point-of-care. The Celution One is intended for hospital-based use.

Cytori Celution Approved in Europe
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Earlier this year, the company had received approval from health regulators in The Netherlands to begin testing the effects of stem cells on heart attack patients. The Celution One, extracts stem cells from the patient's fat so that they can be injected back into the patient. The device is also being utilized for breast reconstruction and wound healing in Chron's disease patients.

The Celution One device allows for a fast extraction of the stem cells through a complex process by which the protective matrix around cells is broken down. Using differential centrifugation, the device separates out layers within a column, one of which are the stem cells. Those can be taken and used.

Many physicians are predicting that stem cells will have an effect on medicine comparable to that of the discovery of penicillin or medical lasers. Stem cells have far reaching uses from cardiology to neurology, and even aesthetics.