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XEOMIN Now Available In Los Angeles


Los Angeles board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens is one of the few in the country to have exclusive access to the new BOTOX alternative Xeomin in Marina Del Rey, CA.

One of the first in the country, plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens announces the addition of the BOTOX alternative Xeomin to his plastic surgery practice in Los Angeles. Receiving FDA approval earlier this year, the botulinum toxin Xeomin will become available nationwide early spring 2012. However, select premier practices, such as Marina Plastic Surgery Associates in Marina Del Rey already have the product and are offering it to patients as a more cost effective alternative to BOTOX or Dysport.

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FDA trials for Xeomin included 2 studies with 16 clinics and 547 healthy adult participants. After 30 days, patients who were injected with Xeomin showed great improvement in the glabellar (frown lines) region vs. those that were injected with the placebo. FDA approved for treating the glabellar lines, physicians may choose to administer it off-label to treat fine lines, wrinkles and Crows Feet. "Xeomin is a neurotoxin; it is helpful for reducing wrinkles and it achieves the same results that BOTOX does," describes Los Angeles Xeomin provider Dr. Grant Stevens, "Xeomin appears to work the same as BOTOX but it differs in that it is a smaller molecule."

Like BOTOX, Xeomin works by attaching itself to the nerve endings. Botulinum toxins are injected directly into the muscle and block the signals that the brain normally sends to tell them to contract, essentially paralyzing the muscle. Unlike BOTOX, Xeomin's molecular structure does not contain complex proteins. Because of this, patients who have had allergic reactions to BOTOX may have another chance at treating wrinkles with Xeomin in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens has invited his patients to take on the Xeomin Challenge - not dissimilar to the challenge issued when Dysport was first introduced to the market. "I will be undergoing the Xeomin Challenge myself, similar to what I did with Dysport. We'll inject Xeomin on one side of my forehead and BOTOX in the other side to see which one shows results first and which one will last longer," says Dr. Stevens, "I'm certain both manufacturers are interested in seeing which one is going to do a better job."

Dr. Stevens anticipates both neurotoxins will perform comparably, with similar results and duration of results. However, one of the main selling points of Xeomin in comparison to BOTOX is its lower cost. "Xeomin is it works the same way as BOTOX; it turns off the muscle that forms the wrinkle but it is much cheaper," describes Dr. Stevens. It is estimated that Xeomin will cost approximately half of what BOTOX costs now.

With a more cost effective version of BOTOX, more patients may be open to trying the newer and more cost effective wrinkle reduction procedure. While there have not been studies yet, Xeomin might also eventually be used to treat migraines or hyperhydrosis, much like BOTOX.