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PowerX: Quicker Liposuction With Minimal Downtime?


New liposuction technology in PowerX may offer patients a noise-free, less painful, faster body contouring solution with less downtime.

The newest liposuction device in the aesthetic industry is PowerX from Sound Surgical Technologies, the makers of the popular VASER Lipo and {!VASER Hi-Def} body contouring devices. Unlike other liposuction devices, the PowerX is silent and it's unique rotational hand-piece may increase the speed and comfort for the patient while offering dramatic body contouring results.

power x liposuction
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"Unlike other power-assisted liposuction devices, the Power X has a hand-piece that rotates, which makes it more efficient, safer, and easier to control than other power devices," states Columbus cosmetic surgeon Dr. Marie DiLauro, "Both speed and rotation are adjustable on the Power X which gives the surgeon the ability to carefully contour and sculpt most areas of the body with exceptional precision."

Physicians who have experience with the PowerX have reported quicker procedures, less pain and minimal downtime. FDA approved in April 2011, the PowerX is a power-assisted liposuction device but differs from traditional devices in that the cannula rotates to access fatty tissue all around the cannula vs. just above and below as with traditional devices. "Cannula can be individually customized for specific applications, specific body areas, and specific physician preferences to deliver smooth, consistent results with less physician fatigue and increased patient comfort," describes Dr. DiLauro.

Liposuction and laser lipolysis specialist, Newport Beach cosmetic surgeon Dr. Thomas Barnes, who has been using and helped develop the product over the last 6 months, says, "PowerX is an excellent device that speeds up the procedure, which is good for the doctor and most importantly, good for patients. Also, the device is extremely quiet. When I'm in my operating room, I find that the noisy machinery makes people more nervous than they need to be. And post operative, patients heal faster with less swelling."

Dr. Barnes, who has had extensive experience and taught courses in Smartlipo and has performed many Tickle Lipo cases, believes that the PowerX heals as fast if not better and it hurts less. As he explains, "Sound Surgical has other products, PowerX is a departure from their previous technology." Dr. Barnes continues, "Many people have heard about the VASER which uses ultrasonic power or sound waves to break up fat and create heat in doing so. The PowerX is a totally different product. It actually moves sideways, back and forth, and it actually moves into the fat and disconnects it as the physician is moving. "

The benefit to the patient is a shorter procedure time with less pain and less swelling and bruising post procedure. "The discomfort level is very low," describes Dr. Barnes, "Patients can choose to have the procedure without general anesthesia which cuts down the inherent risks as well as costs associated with being put under. We can do awake patients much more easily and the post-op healing is much faster and shorter, which means minimal downtime. Many people work the next day or two."
powerx liposuction results
Actual Before and After Results of PowerX Liposuction By Dr. Marie DiLauro

According to the manufacturer, one of the main selling points of the PowerX power-assisted liposuction device is the rotational cannula battles physician fatigue, therefore increasing control and reducing aspiration time. Dr. DiLauro explains, "The PowerX gives me the ability to sculpt and contour more efficiently and precisely than before. I am able to remove more fat comfortably in a shorter amount of time, then slowly remodel superficial fatty areas to accentuate curves and increase muscle definition."

According to Dr. DiLauro, the ideal candidate is anybody who wants a sexier shape, with increased muscle definition and reduced body fat in the abdomen, hips, back, chest, shoulders, arms or legs. Dr. Barnes has used the PowerX to contour the body at the the tummy, the upper arms, inner/outer thighs, inner knees, the back and the love handles. He says, "The ideal candidate for the PowerX is anybody between the ages 25 and 80. In other words, it goes across all ages because it's safe and it has minimal discomfort compared to regular liposuction."

The cost of PowerX liposuction is comparable to other types of liposuction and treatment prices vary from market to market but may start at $2,500 depending on the area being treated.