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CBS Early Show Series - Get Younger Looking Eyes


The CBS Early Show's three part series "A Stitch In Time" is following several doctors who turn back the clock on aging faces. Part two of the series aired on October 4, with plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph O'Connell demonstrating the advantages of having upper eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty.

On the CBS Early Show, Dr. O'Connell said "What we do is make a small incision that's designed to give you a natural upper eyelid increase and remove that hanging skin which is called a hood which blocks [the patient's] vision and makes us look older and more tired."

What the doctor removes is the skin that and the samll amounts of fat which make the eye look puffy. With lower eyelid surgery, Dr. O'Connell says the fat to be removed is much greater. "One way to get the fat out, he says, is to make a very small incision along the lash line. Very carefully remove the fat. It's far too dangerous to suck it like liposuction."

Read the whole story and see images of the eyelid surgery on the Early Show's website, along with the recaps of part one and part three of the series.