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Non-Surgical Options To Increase Your Bustline


From completely non-surgical with the CACI treatment to minimally invasive fat transfer, there are options for patients who want fuller breasts but aren't ready for surgery.

With so many new technologies offering patients non-surgical options to looking younger, it was only time before a non-surgical option became available for one of the most popular surgical procedures performed year after year: breast augmentation. And while results are not quite as dramatic as surgical results, there are new procedures that can add a little oomph to your cleavage, without going under the knife.

non-surgical breast procedure on the doctors
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As seen on The Doctors, a new treatment is available for women who are looking to increase their bustline without surgery. The CACI treatment is a procedure that uses electrical stimulation to temporarily increase breast size. As Dr. Drew Ordon demonstrates, two electrodes are placed on the breast, one above (near the pectoralis major muscle) and one to the side of the breast. An electrical current is then sent to the muscle, causing the fibers within to constrict momentarily for a lifted and fuller appearance.

The CACI procedure takes about 15 minutes to perform and most patients report that there is no pain associated with the procedure. Results last for about 3-5 days, during which patients can expect an increase of 1-2 additional inches to their bustline. Not ideal for women with sagging breasts, the best candidate is a patient with smaller and already firm breasts.

For women who are seeking a more permanent increase to the breast but are reluctant to undergo surgery, the Natural Breast Augmentation may be a good option. Also known as a fat transfer, the Natural Breast Augmentation uses the patient's own fat as a filler that is injected into the breast tissue. First, fat is harvested through a minimally invasive liposuction alternative such as laser lipolysis. The fat is then injected into the breast to create more volume.

"My patients have been asking about this for a long time," says Dr. Bill Johnson, Medical Director of Innovations Medical and provider of natural breast augmentation in Dallas. "And now, it's reality. We can remove unwanted fat from a mid-section or thighs and use it for breast augmentation. It's easier and healthier than most other breast augmentation procedures, and the results are remarkable."

Natural breast augmentation requires less anesthesia and the recovery is generally quicker. Most patients who have undergone Natural Breast Augmentation say the procedure offers a more natural feel with no risk of leakage and no reaction to a foreign implant.

It is however important to stress patient expectations - as with the CACI and the Natural Breast Augmentation, neither offer the dramatic volume change seen with traditional surgical breast augmentation results. But on a smaller frame, even a small difference can mean a big change!