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A Virtual Preview Of Your Rhinoplasty Results


Curious about what your rhinoplasty results will look like? New technology allows for patients to virtually see the changes before they're performed.

Seeing is believing: if you've considered cosmetic surgery, one of your key concerns has probably been what will your results look like. Not only are cosmetic surgeries expensive and time consuming, patients are often under anesthesia and are not physically able to tell their physicians to change something before it's done. New technology has become available that allows physicians to show patients what their potential results could look like - before a single incision is made.

virtual nose job
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As seen on The Doctors, the new Vectra M-3 device from Canfield Scientific may offer patients a reasonable projection of their surgical results. Not a guarantee of results, this exciting new technology allows the physician to show the patient how subtle changes can make big differences before undergoing the procedure. While it is important in researching the right cosmetic surgeon to look at their before/after photos of other patients, these can only go so far in showing what results you can expect for yourself.

As Dr. Drew Ordon demonstrates, the Vectra M-3 uses special cameras to create a 3-D virtual model of the patient's face so the physician can make changes by simply clicking the mouse. Ideal for patients that are seeking rhinoplasty, Dr. Ordon shows how the surgery could alter her appearance and balance her features by adjusting her bridge and nose tip size. This side by side before and after projection may be the tipping point to helping a patient decide to have a procedure.

Other virtual cosmetic procedures, including facelifts and eye lifts may also be seen on the device. Since the images taken are 3-D, patients can see their potential results from different angles: straight on, profile and three quarter views are possible. Again, these images aren't guaranteed results however, patients can get a fair idea on what to expect.

For patients considering a nose job, the Vectra M-3 can help you make an informed decision on what shape is best for your face and what to expect should you decide to undergo the surgery.