The Dahm Triplets Teach New Moms To Get Back In Pre-Baby Shape


A new 30-minute fitness DVD is available that is broken out into 10-minute increments to target key areas for new moms to get fit.

Juggling a new baby, a new sleeping schedule and a job is hard enough without factoring in longer gym sessions to get back to pre-baby shape. The ideal weight gain during pregnancy is 25-35 pounds and only approximately 8 pounds of it is the baby's weight so you'll definitely have to do some work to get rid of those extra pounds.

work out for new moms
3, 2, 1 ... Get Your Body Back by The Dahm Triplets

If you can't fit time in to get to the gym, another fitness option is possible: bringing the gym home through fitness DVDs. Recently seen on The Doctors, a new fitness video developed by triplet mothers (all with babies under 1 year-old) is available to help new moms get back in shape. 3, 2, 1 ... Get Your Body Back is broken out into 3 ten minute increments so moms can pick or combine sessions for a more intensive work out.

The creators, identical Dahm triplet team: Jaclyn, Nicole and Erica (wife of The Doctors executive producer Jay McGraw) joined the set to discuss their workout video and how each segment benefits different parts of the body to give an all-over workout.
  1. Jaclyn
    Exercises in Jaclyn's segment focus on creating long and lean muscles.

  2. Nicole
    In Nicole's 10 minute segment, she demonstrates high energy dance-style moves

  3. Erica
    Erica's 10 minute segment is based on 80s aerobic moves, such as the Charleston

There is also a bonus segment that focuses on the abdominal area - one place that new moms most definitely want to strengthen and bring back to pre-baby state. According to the girls, all you need is a floor mat and hand weights to accompany the DVD to follow the exercises on the DVD.

The inspiration behind 3, 2, 1 ... Get Your Body Back was the triplet's older sister and mother and their exercise routines in the 80s. The girls strove to create a fitness video that was not only fun but combined cardio and aerobic exercises to tone and strengthen the core. They stress that the although the idea was originally for new moms, anybody looking to tone up or jump start a work out after any hiatus from a healthy lifestyle.

For mothers who are done having children or have more intensive baby-related body changes, another option to get back to pre-baby shape may be the Mommy makeover procedure.