Change Your Attitude For Better Weight Loss Results


Sometimes it takes changing your point of view to see something clearly - weight loss is no different. Changing your attitude could be exactly what you need to successfully achieve your weight loss goals.

You've changed your diet, your workout, your lifestyle, and you're still not seeing results. After weeks of toiling at the gym and resisting your favorite foods, you feel like you've made no progress. Sound familiar? If so, we've got good news and bad news. The bad news is you are one of millions of people every day that fail at their weight loss goals because of one tragic flaw: attitude. The good news is all you have to adjust your attitude and you'll be well on your way to the body you've been working for. We have narrowed down the top three attitude malfunctions that keep people from reaching their goals so you can cut the problem off at the source.

why am i not losing weight
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  1. Impatience
    Impatience is the absolute number one reason people never reach their weight loss goals. Most people feel that they don't see results quick enough so they just give up. Workout gadget manufacturers and diet clubs are making a fortune by claiming their products will achieve weight loss results faster. Don't fall for these gimmicks - weight loss takes hard work and most of all, it takes time. It took years to gain the weight so it makes sense that it will also take some time for you to lose it. People who succeed at their weight loss goals mentally accept that it will take a while to see results.

  2. Obsession With Food
    Food is not the center of life. A large part of why you can't stick to your diet is because you make yourself miserable by obsessing over food. You make yourself crazy because you can no longer eat cold pizza in the middle of the night but was being able to do that really that great anyway? Forget what you can't have and focus instead on what you can eat. Focus on the freshness of clean food and the energy it gives you. Remember that it is a choice to eat better, not a terrible sacrifice you can hardly bear to make by giving up unhealthy food. If you glorify unhealthy food and habits, it's bound to control you forever.

  3. The Accountability Gap
    Making excuses is a terrible habit that has become an epidemic in our culture. It's pretty annoying when someone gives you a lame excuse after they've let you down so why would you accept excuses from yourself? You must hold yourself accountable for your own weight loss goals. Make a plan and stick to it. Go into your plan with determination not dread. Be your own coach and don't let yourself give up. Most people have a habit of doing what is expected of them, be it negative or positive. Expect yourself to live up to your plans and don't let yourself down.

Succeeding at your weight loss plans begins with a lifestyle and attitude change. Be patient with your program. Take power away from unhealthy food and hold yourself accountable and you'll be reaching your weight loss goals before you know it!