BOTOX For Bladder Treatment May Be Coming To The U.S.


BOTOX has received EU approval for the use of the drug for bladder incontinence and may be making it's way to the U.S.

botox for bladder incontinence
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We may all know BOTOX as a neurotoxin that treats wrinkles and fine lines in the forehead, Crow's Feet, and neck bands. Other conditions that BOTOX treats may include migraines, hyperhidrosis, and lazy or crossed eyes. A new use for BOTOX has been approved by 14 EU states - BOTOX to treat urinary incontinence for patients who have multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injuries.

The European equivalent to FDA trials have shown that one single injection of BOTOX into the bladder may offer patients who suffer from urinary incontinence due to multiple sclerosis or spinal cord damage significant relief for up to 9 months. The injection works by increasing bladder capacity and reducing involuntary contractions.

According to Allergen, the manufacturer of BOTOX, it is estimated that approximately 60-80% of people who have MS and 75-80% of people with spinal cord injuries will suffer from urinary incontinence or some form of bladder dysfunction including contractions and leakage. Traditional treatments included prescription drugs called anticholinergics but not all patients are responsive to that treatment. BOTOX may offer relief where traditional treatment has failed.

Some 65,000 people suffer from MS and over 11,000 people have spinal cord injuries in Europe. The positive opinion from the EU means a new treatment option that can greatly improve the quality of their lives.

Allergen has expectations to receive approval from the U.S. later this year and hopes to later broaden it's BOTOX market to treating other patients that suffer from overactive bladders, not just those who have MS and spinal cord injuries.

Cosmetic use of BOTOX earns Allergen over half of it's multi-billion revenue and this foray into urinary incontinence may add what industry analysts have projected to be an annual additional sum of $500 million to the grand total.