DIY Plastic Surgery To Do At Home


DIY plastic surgery products ogive consumers less expensive and more importantly, safe options to their more expensive, albeit more effective spa counterparts.

As the sluggish economy is continuing it's slow return, consumers have turned to DIY'ing (Doing It Yourself) to try to save a buck. Paired with extensive information that is available on the internet, the idea of DIY has lured many a consumer to buy questionable goods online, in hopes of trying to save some money. And while some things are definitely worth doing yourself, most if not all plastic surgery should be reserved for professionals.

Dr. Anthony Youn speaks to the DIY plastic surgery phenomenon, "What we're finding is that people have pretty easy access to injectable treatments that you can buy from other countries, other countries that aren't as developed and they don't have quite the safety mechanisms that we have in the United States."

No only is the quality of the product suspect and not guaranteed, the large majority of treatments require expertise that cannot be learned in 10 minutes on Youtube. Even for something that seems relatively simple, such as injectables or BOTOX, aestheticians are required to undergo extensive training and all treatments should be performed in a safe and appropriate facility, in case of any emergency.

But not all is lost - there are several DIY aesthetic treatments that are completely safe to do at home. While not as effective as their more potent sibling treatments that are available at a medical spa or a spa, Dr. Youn recommends these 3 treatments to help you save hundreds of dollars a year by swapping in these affordable at-home and safe treatments.

  1. At Home Microdermabrasion: Pretika Sonic Pulse Facial Brush
    This brush works similarly to more expensive microdermabrasion treatments, which ranging from $100 per treatment (once a month) can set you back over $1,200 a year at a medical spa. According to the manufacturer, SonicDermabrasion features Micro-Pulsating Vibration Cleansing Technology that has proven to gently and effectively exfoliate the epidermis by loosening dirt and oil from pores. At a price of approximately $40 online, the Pretika Sonic Pulse Facial Brush can even be used in conjunction with your existing facial cleanser.

  2. At Home Clay Peel: Clarifying Clay Masque by SkinCeuticals
    At the spa, Clay Peels are ideal to decongest pores and smooth skin on a monthly basis - and at approximately $120 per treatment, this adds up to a whopping $1,440 a year! An at-home clay mask, the Clarifying Clay Masque by SkinCeuticals has a 5% hydroxy acid, which acts like a mild chemical peel and can give you great results for only $44. Dr. Youn recommends using the masque for 10-15 minutes and the natural clays within the product will lift impurities and remove oils from skin, leaving skin soft and smooth.

  3. At Home Chemical Peel: MD Formulations My Personal Peel System
    According to Dr. Youn, one of his top peels he performs at the his office is The Blue Peel - after it's namesake, it turns the skin blue and the chemicals effectively remove the thin surface layers of aged and damaged skin. Post procedure, it requires about a week downtime and the cost is about $1,000. One of the few chemical peel options available for at home use is the My Personal Peel System by MD Formulations. A 3-step system, glycolic acid first exfoliates and smooths the skin, acting as the chemical peel portion. Three boosters are included to treat any specific concerns you may have with your skin and the last step is a regenerative serum - all for $85.

Keep any major aesthetic procedure and plastic surgery where it belongs: in the hands of a professional and in an accredited and safe facility. But by all means, try these DIY beauty secrets at home - you can save a bundle of money over time and best of all, they're safe!