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Vaginal Rejuvenation After Childbirth Or Aging


Due to aging or pregnancy, the vagina may change over time. Women now have a myriad of choices to alter the way their vaginas look: from non-surgical to surgical procedures, vaginal rejuvenation may address both exterior and interior concerns.

Immediately after pregnancy, mothers may be completely preoccupied with the new person that has entered their lives. However, as time goes by, many women begin to feel the effects of aging and gravity all over their bodies, including the vaginal area. Luckily, there are now both non-surgical and surgical options to modify your female parts to what they looked like post-pregnancy.

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As seen on The Doctors, non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation options may include the use of dermal fillers such as Sculptra to address a lack of volume, deflation or sagging of the labia majora. In a procedure called the Labial Puff, the physician injects Sculptra into the labia majora to stimulate natural growth, which will restore the volume loss that may come with age or pregnancy.

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While non-surgical procedures such the Labial Puff may address external aesthetics to some degree, the best and most dramatic results are still found through surgical means. To change the appearance of the labia majora or minora, patients have the option of undergoing labiaplasty. According to Boca Raton labiaplasty provider Dr. Eliezer Livnat, "Some women are unhappy with the appearance of their external genitalia. Aging, childbirth and injury can alter the size and shape of the labia minora (inner lips) or majora (outer lips) lips of the vulva. This may cause chronic irritation, painful intercourse, and the inability to wear tight clothing."

According to Dr. Livnat, the labiaplasty surgery removes excess tissue from the labia to reduce or achieve symmetry of uneven labia. Typically performed as an outpatient procedure, local or general anesthesia may be used. Most patients are able to resume normal activity in a few days and return to sexual activity within 6-8 weeks.

Traditional vaginal rejuvenation is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of the vaginal opening and tightens the vaginal canal. "The procedure is performed to rejuvenate the lining of the vagina as well as the supporting tissues around it," describes Dr. Livnat, who also practices vaginal rejuvenation in Tamarac, "This can help to increase muscle tone, control and strength, and potentially increase pleasurable friction during intercourse."

Similar to a labiaplasty, vaginal rejuvenation is an outpatient procedure and downtime is comparable. Patients can return to regular activities within a few days and exercise and intercourse within 6-8 weeks. Dr. Livnat stresses, "It is important to remember that vaginal rejuvenation surgery cannot cure sexual dysfunction or increase desire. This surgery is not covered by medical insurance."

As with any cosmetic procedure or surgery, it is imperative that you discuss your desired outcome and all the options possible with your physician to determine the treatment that will give you the best results.

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