Combination Therapy Wins Best Overall Body Makeover Award


THE Aesthetic Show judges award Dr. Thomas E. Young for his overall body makeover results with the combination of several body contouring procedures including Zerona, Body-Jet and VelaShape.

At THE Aesthetic Show 2011 in Las Vegas, awards were given to recognize and honor the best clinical outcomes in aesthetic medicine. Attendees submitted their best results to be judged by a panel of renowned plastic surgeons, dermatologists and members of the media who cover aesthetics, including American Health and Beauty's Editor in Chief, Keith Veseleny. Hosted by The Doctors Dr. Drew Ordon, THE Aesthetic Awards show was an event to remember.

dr. peter newen
Dr. Thomas Young awarded Best Overall Body
Makeover Award at THE Aesthetic Show
The judges awarded Best Overall Body Makeover to Dr. Thomas Young of Young Medical Spa in Center Valley, PA for his impressive body makeover results from the The Jodi Project. Dr. Young specializes in all forms of tumescent liposuction and has performed over 1,400 procedures with various laser, ultrasound, {!water jet | Body-Jet} and power devices.

An expert in body contouring, Dr. Young and his team performed a head-to-toe makeover on a patient named Jodi. "We featured Jodi in a local social magazine monthly depicting the procedures she underwent and the before and after results," explains Dr. Young, "We entitled this year-long project "The Jodi Project" and we built a website around her progress at We wanted to show the Lehigh Valley a real person, just like them and not a stock photography model, who had the same body and skin problems they had."

Jodi first came to Young Medical Spa with many concerns about her face and body, including a loss of volume in her breasts and unwanted fat on other parts of her body. "Jodi was also concerned with the fat pockets under her chin and on her arms, and was also bothered by visible cellulite on her buttocks and thighs," said Dr. Young, "She tried numerous diets and exercise routines, but nothing she tried gave her the results she was looking for. We thought she would be the perfect candidate for an all-over aesthetic makeover."

body contouring makeover before and after
Actual Body Contouring Results of Dr. Thomas Young
Procedures: Zerona, Body-Jet, SlimLipo, VelaShape

For Jodi's complete body makeover, Dr. Young performed the following procedures: "For the specific photographs that won us the award, we focused on her abdomen, waist and thigh areas," stated Dr. Young, "Jodi had previously undergone some Zerona treatments to lose a little fat volume all over her body." Afterwards, Dr. Young performed Body-Jet, the water assisted liposuction, to harvest fat for a fat transfer to Jodi's breasts - adding nearly 2 cup sizes. Next, he used Slimlipo to contour the abdomen, waist, anterior bra fat and inner and outer thigh areas, neck and arms. After a period of healing, Jodi underwent a series of VelaShape treatments to reduce the appearance of her cellulite.

After a year of procedures, Jodi is thrilled with her results. "I am grateful to Dr. Young, his wife Paula and the staff at Young Medical Spa for the procedures that have given me a new outlook on life and the motivation to maintain my new image," says Jodi.