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iPixel: New Fractional Resurfacing Technology on Wheels


The latest from Alma, the iPixel uses a rolling hand piece to deliver the laser pulses instead of the traditional stamping technique

These days, it seems there is a laser to correct any type of skin issue you may have. From melasma, sun damage to acne scarring, there is a fractional laser that can effectively address your skin concerns. Fractional resurfacing, which comes in a myriad of modalities, uses different types of energy to effectively rejuvenate skin. The newest technology to hit the market is not in the form of new energy but in the delivery system: the hand piece rolls across the skin vs. the traditional stamping technique, which may speed up the procedure.

iPixel rolling laser resurfacing
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"The iPixel is a rolling fractionated erbium hand piece that treats the face about twice as fast as the traditional stamp-and-move fractional laser," comments Dr. Ed Zimmerman, medical director of Las Vegas Laser and Lipo, "The hand piece is on wheels which is rolled across the face and we can get a lovely result very quickly."

Recently launched in May 2011, the iPixel was showcased at THE Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas as one of the newest technologies available for the cosmetic industry. An added benefit for physicians, the iPixel hand piece may be incorporated into the existing HarmonyXL Alma laser, without having to purchase a whole new system that will take up valuable office space.

Attached to the iPixel hand piece are 2 small wheels at the tip of the module which can be rolled across the patient's skin. As the treatment tip is rolled across the face, laser pulses are triggered and deliver a single row of 7 pixels per millimeter. These ablative micro-wounds are what force new skin and collagen to form.

According to the manufacturer, the wheels allow the physician to move the laser over the skin smoothly, improving precision and treatment is quicker, as compared to traditional stamping or scanning technology. This also aids in shorter downtime for the patient due to the fine spacing between the pixels that are stamped.

The iPixel may be used on all skin types, year round.

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