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Top 3 Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures


More patients are seeking treatment for vaginal rejuvenation as access to information becomes more readily available. Here are 3 of the most common and the procedures that can offer relief and restoration.

An inescapable truth: as we age, gravity and time combine to erase our youth. The effects of aging can be seen and felt all over the body - including the nether regions. Particularly after childbirth, the vagina may experience looseness, lack of sensation and elasticity and in some cases, incontinence. Vaginal rejuvenation may help address any concerns you may have with your lady parts.

vaginal rejuvenation procedures
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Vaginal Rejuvenation encompasses both the external appearance and internal functioning and the different procedures correct different concerns. According to Houston cosmetic surgeon Dr. Paul Vitenas, "We have offered vaginal rejuvenation at our practice for the past 25 years but demand has not been mainstream until the past 5 or 6 years. Due to the internet and easy access to information, women have begun to actively search for these procedures. Demand has increased and we've performed more vaginal rejuvenation procedures in the past few years, helping patients feel better about lot of issues that they previously wouldn't have even talked to someone about, let alone seek medical help."

With this in mind, there are several vaginal concerns that many women have and whether due to stigma or shame, have not sought professional help. Below is a brief rundown of the top 3 vaginal concerns are what can be done to help:
  • Female Incontinence

    Recently seen on The Dr. Oz Show, nearly 50% of women over the age of 40 experience incontinence but only 40% of them will actually speak to their physician about this. Whether caused by pregnancy or disease, female incontinence is something that can be corrected with the Transvaginal Mesh procedure. A sling is created to alleviate tension placed on the urethra, therefore preventing leakage. A 15 minute out patient procedure, this treatment is typically covered by insurance.

  • Uneven or Distended Labia

    An external issue, this is not only an aesthetic concern, uneven or distended labia can cause discomfort and even pain during sexual intercourse. "We often have patients that request to decrease the size of the labia majora or labia minora," describes Dr. Vitenas, "Usually in women who have not had children, it's the labia minora that they want trimmed, made smaller or correction of asymmetry. Many of our patients tell us they are uncomfortable with their self esteem and the way they look. We also have patients who tell us they're uncomfortable when they ride a bicycle or when they have sexual intercourse due to the size of their external genitalia."

    A labiaplasty removes extra tissue to reduce the length of tissue and evens out the labia so they are equal in size. Typically, a short outpatient procedure which is performed under general anesthesia, labiaplasty has a relatively short recovery time.

  • Looseness and Lack of Elasticity

    "Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and in particular, women who have had multiple pregnancies and vaginal delivers, the vaginal canal may become enlarged," says Dr. Vitenas. To correct this, Dr. Vitenas performs the Vaginoplasty which narrows the vaginal canal, tightens the muscles and opening of the vaginal canal. "We can literally restore the size back to where it was before the patient had children." This procedure benefits the patient by returning sensation, muscle strength and tone. As a major surgical procedure, patients can expect recovery time to be between 6-8 weeks.
Regardless of the issue you may have, speaking to your physician about your concerns is the first step in finding the right treatment for your vaginal issues. Set aside the shame, stigma or embarrassment - your doctor has probably heard it all before. The benefits of speaking up far outweigh keeping silent!

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