What Is CrossFit? A New Workout To Test Your Limits


CrossFit, a new workout craze which has swept through the fitness world uses intense training for short bursts of time with no interruption to maximize work-out time.

If you've been working out for a while and have tried some different methods you've probably heard of CrossFit. It's a new workout culture that has taken the fitness world by storm and has changed a lot of lives and bodies in the process. We're going to explain the premise and practice of this innovative new phenomenon and maybe you'll be one of the newbies to explore this whole new world of workouts.

what is crossfit
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If you haven't heard of CrossFit, you may be asking yourself at this point what exactly is the concept behind this new workout genre. CrossFit, as an organization, asserts itself as the strength and conditioning program of choice for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.

The focus of a CrossFit workout is to train at your maximum intensity for a duration of time, usually no longer than 20 minutes. There is no buildup, no cool down, no resting - just maxing out. A typical CrossFit session is going to be a large group of about 15-20 doing a series of about 4 different exercises back-to-back, with no rest. This includes running, pushups, weighted exercises, and exercises with special equipment such as pullups and rowing.

After a brief warmup, just enough to wake you up, you're going hard the entire time. Each session will be one huge giant set with a random courtesy-of-CrossFit-founders name like "Nasty Girls," "Heavy Fran," or "Fight Gone Bad," none of which will have anything to do with the content of the routine.

The aforementioned workouts can be watched on the CrossFit website. Anyone who has not done CrossFit before will struggle with it, even an Olympic gold medalist, because it is tailored to challenge each person individually. However, no one goes it alone. The spirit of CrossFit is based on team work and encouragement between Crossfittees. They even have their own magazine for enthusiasts called the CrossFit Journal, and a daily updated website CrossFit.com, on which you can find more information about the workout.

Not only is CrossFit a great way to lose weight, it is also to a great way to maintain great shape. In addition, is an economical alternative to paying a personal trainer, which may cost up to $500 a month, not including your gym membership. Instead, you'll pay around $8 per session. This brings you up to only about $100 month for 3 sessions a week, which is more than most people will actually do.

One can see why CrossFit gyms have replaced regular gyms in the lives of many people. It's a great choice if you're looking to make a lifestyle change and don't have much money or time. CrossFit just might be the challenge you need to take your fitness to the next level!