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Laser Hair Removal: Permanent Reduction of Unwanted Hair?


Shaving, waxing and plucking, oh my! The daily stress of dealing with unwanted hair may be over with new technology that uses lasers and light therapy to vaporize hair for permanent hair reduction.

Any woman knows the daily annoyances of maintenance but as it gets warmer and we're exposing more skin, it means taking maintenance up a notch. Today we tackle one of the dreadful chores of maintenance: unwanted hair. It's all over our body, we're happy when it's thick and lush on the top of our heads but not so much in our bikini area or legs. The daily repertoire of shaving, waxing or plucking can be a thing of the past with laser hair removal.

razor rash from bikini shave
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As recently seen on The Doctors, Dr. Ava Shamban speaks to the cast about laser hair removal vs. shaving the bikini line, using the Palomar Lux laser. Repeated shaving often irritates skin and if you shave in the wrong direction, painful razor burn and bumps can develop. Laser hair removal emits a specific wavelength that actively searches for chromophore, the part of the molecule that is responsible for pigment in the follicle. The hair shaft is then disintegrated or vaporized within the follicle, leaving skin razor-burn-free and hair-free.

New laser hair removal devices have built-in cooling agents and wider pattern sizes to maximize patient comfort and minimize pain. There are a variety of laser hair removal devices but the procedure works best for fair-skinned brunettes and is not recommended for blondes or redheads.

Denver laser hair removal provider Dr. Tahl Humes says "Studies have shown that after 5-10 treatments, laser hair removal yields up to 90% hair reduction. Permanent hair removal isn't possible because you can have hair growth return during pregnancy or even when your body experiences hormonal changes. Patients with fairer skin and darker hair will often times see results closer to 5 treatments, whereas darker skinned/darker hair patients may need a few more."

"The Cutera Cool Glide is a long pulse YAG laser combined with contact cooling so we can treat patients who have up to Fitzpatrick 6 skin color," says Dr. Humes, "The treatment is completely individual and while we recommend between 5-10 treatments, most patients begin to experience thinner and finer hair re-growth at their 3rd or 4th treatments." It is important to continue treatment after the initial results are visible to get the best results so Dr. Humes recommends customized follow up treatments to maintain the permanent hair reduction.

Different devices may treat different skin colors and hair textures so Dr. Shamban stresses the importance of seeking an experienced healthcare provider who is aware of all the different devices to avoid any potential burns. She also recommends shaving 2 days prior to the procedure and refraining from tanning for 6 weeks before.

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