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Treatment for Rosacea and Diffuse Redness


Patients who suffer from rosacea or diffuse redness now have an option, the Laser Genesis, to reduce redness while stimulating new collagen growth.

As summer approaches, we all know to wear our sunblock or sunscreen to avoid looking like a boiled lobster. Unfortunately, for some, redness in the face is a common occurrence and it's not due to sun exposure. It is estimated that some 16 million people in the US alone suffer from some form of rosacea, from mild to severe. There is no cure for rosacea and unfortunately, unlike acne, it isn't something that you can outgrow. The redness will persist unless the patient seeks treatment.

laser genesis results
Actual Before and After Results of Laser Genesis by Dr. Tahl Humes

Luckily, there are ways to control rosacea and the severity of redness on your skin. Denver Laser Genesis provider Dr. Tahl Humes says, "I love the Laser Genesis; it can be used to treat rosacea or patients with any kind of diffuse redness in their skin." Redness in rosacea is aggravated by the enlargement of tiny blood vessels in the skin, making them apparent on the skin, which can then lead to inflammation and tiny bumps that resemble acne.

Dr. Humes explains how the Laser Genesis treats rosacea, "The treatment constricts the tiny blood vessels which exist in the microvasculature system. The laser targets the redness in the microvasculature, causing the tiny vessels to collapse upon themselves, decreasing redness." While there is no cure for rosacea, Dr. Humes is optimistic about using repeat treatments with the Laser Genesis. "The issue of rosacea is anybody who is red will be always be red, so it's finding what their maintenance point is," describes Dr. Humes, "Normally, we do a series of treatments and we find their maintenance point, which is after they've seen less redness less often or if they're not flaring as often."

The Laser Genesis is also used to stimulate collagen growth. According to Dr. Humes, "We also use Laser Genesis for collagen stimulation - it shrinks pore size, helps with texture, and helps with fine lines. Again though, it is a series of treatments and collagen re-growth is slow so it's not like getting a Pearl Laser treatment which peels right off and patients say, 'Wow, I really see a difference right now!' With Laser Genesis, it's going to be a slow change over time."

Which may be beneficial to patients who can't afford the downtime typically associated with a more dramatic procedure, such as the Pearl. "There is no downtime with the Laser Genesis but the nice part is that it doesn't hurt." There is a warm sensation, similar to lying in the sun and there could be a little redness for 2 hours after the the treatment but then that goes away.

Dr. Humes recommends 5-10 treatments to find a good maintenance point for patients with rosacea. "Some people are good at 5 but I see more people that need a series of 10 treatments. It's safe enough to do every day but I recommend once a week or once every other week depending on what they're treating. If it's for redness, we like do them closer together but if it's collagen stimulation, we like to space treatment a little bit further apart."