Being In Stiches with Dr. Anthony Youn


In a conversation with celebrity plastic surgeon and now author, Dr. Anthony Youn speaks about his journey from awkward teen to acclaimed physician in his new book. A funny, witty and touching read, AHB definitely enjoyed being "In Stitches" with Dr. Youn.

Recently released, a coming-of-age/debut/memoir of Dr. Anthony Youn, In Stitches gives readers a humorous and candid view into medicine rarely seen and sometimes unfathomable by the general public. Dr. Youn takes us on the journey of how a Korean-American kid from an all white town in Michigan became a celebrity plastic surgeon. At times, hilarious, touching and inspiring, In Stitches had the staff of American Health and Beauty laughing (and sometimes a little misty eyed) while reading the entire book in just a few sittings. Editor in chief of AHB, Keith Veseleny says, "As a teenage geek myself, before geek was chic - I can totally relate with Dr. Youn's high school stories and pain."

in stitches anthony youn

Gawky and geeky, Anthony Youn was 1 of 2 Asian-Americans in Greenville, MI. An anomaly in a sea of white, Tony eventually gained social acceptance and became one of the "cool kids." However, even with this dubious title, the author had little game and had limited success with the opposite sex. Too tall, wearing Coke-bottle glasses with an ever-growing jaw, it was a jaw-reconstruction procedure after high school that determined his path to becoming a physician. However, the author does say it was not just for the good of mankind but because "Chicks love doctors. I'm going to med school to get laid." Although this was not exactly the case, Tony does go through the next 4 bumpy, funny and often tense years to become an M.D.

Although quite young, Dr. Youn released In Stitches as a memoir. When AHB asked him about his relatively young age to the choice of the type of book he wrote, Dr. Youn's response was, "A huge part of In Stitches deals with my four years in medical school, including some of my most memorable patients. There are scenes where I'm terrorized by an 80 year old grandma in Gross Anatomy lab; inspired by a small, defenseless child to become a plastic surgeon; birthed my first baby and saved my first life; used leeches to salvage a woman's breasts; and am terrified as the first patient I'm ever assigned to as a medical student drops dead in front of me, ten seconds after we meet. Trust me, there is more than enough in my young life to fill several books!"

Dr. Youn's 4 years in medical school were most definitely a roller coaster ride which offers a humorous and candid view into medicine rarely seen and sometimes unfathomable by the general public. Witty, self-deprecating and touching, In Stitches will inspire anyone who has ever wondered what they would grow up to be.

When we asked Dr. Youn what his #1 fulfillment was from becoming a plastic surgeon, he said "The best part of my job is the excitement of what comes next. I'm so fortunate to have a practice where I enjoy the surgeries I do, work with amazing people, interact with the nicest patients, and even have one foot in the entertainment industry. There is no other job like it in the world. One day I can be on the set of the Rachael Ray Show and the next I can be suturing up a laceration in the ER. I truly believe that variety is the spice of life!"

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