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Jeans That Fight Cellulite?


Jeans that cure cellulite - a pair of French jeans that claim to fight cellulite, but at what cost?

The exact cause of cellulite, that stubborn fat that is often found on the backs of the buttocks and legs, is unknown but many believe it may be due to genetics. Cellulite can form on the thinnest of women and many creams, lotions and potions have claimed to cure cellulite but the truth of the matter is cellulite cannot be cured. However, there are many cellulite reduction procedures available that can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Recently seen on The Doctors, a pair of jeans from a French company, claims that their denim fights, if not cures cellulite.

jeans that fight cellulite
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The French manufacturer claims their jeans are micro-encapsulated with certain active ingredients, such as red vines and peach to help moisturize and smooth skin. However, the main cellulite fighting ingredient is infused throughout the cloth, is green tea, which has caffeine and has been used in several other cellulite treatments.

Sound too good to be true? Perhaps. According to Dr. Ordon, some effects may be seen after 28 days straight of wearing the jeans but washing the jeans could take away some of the cellulite fighting ingredients. Just on the grossness factor alone, it may be a better investment to look into other cellulite reduction options such as the VelaShape, SmoothShapes or Reaction by Viora.
  • VelaShape combines radio frequency, infrared and negative mechanical pressure to potentially break down the fat cells in cellulite. The device is actually FDA approved for cellulite reduction and for temporary circumferential reduction.

  • SmoothShapes combines massage therapy and suction to effect the lymphatics that may make greater contact with the fatty layer beneath the cellulite. From that point, cellulite may be reduced by emitting two wavelengths that work in tandem - one increases permeability of the cell membrane, and the other is selectively absorbed by fat cells.

  • It is speculated that fat cells that create cellulite exist on multiple layers of the skin, including abnormal locations in the dermis and irregular arrangements in the deeper fat layer of tissue. The Reaction By Viora may reduce cellulite by using radio frequency technology to heat the all levels with different wavelengths, therefore treating cellulite in all layers.
At this point, cellulite cannot be cured and all the above cellulite reduction treatments require several sessions to see final results. Final results may mean less dimpling or smoother skin but the cellulite will return without maintenance treatments. On the upside, none of these treatments require you to wear the same pair of pants everyday for the next month.

For more detailed information on cellulite reduction treatments, visit American Health and Beauty's BTR (Beauty Tech Review) on Cellulite Reduction.