Plastic Surgeon Tells What Your Doc Doesn't Want You to Know


We've all known him as a Plastic Surgeon and for his insights into Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery, but Dr. Youn shares his lighter side and introduces his upcoming memoir In Stitches

Dr. Anthony Youn, Michigan Plastic Surgeon and famous TV doc shared secrets that your doctor doesn't want you to know. In an exclusive interview with American Health and Beauty, we had an opportunity to speak with Dr. Youn about his upcoming book In Stitches.

We've seen many memoirs from important people over the years but this is the first "How To Manual" for, as Dr. Youn puts it, "skinny Asian nerds with big glasses, bad hair, a huge jaw, no women, and no game to become a plastic surgeon" and let's not forget, a TV celebrity. Repeatedly seen on the sets of Fox News, and The Early Show, guest appearances on ER - Dr. Youn is regularly seen on television as an authority in his field.

In response to what inspired him to write his book, "I began writing In Stitches six years ago after realizing that there was no real modern day House of God. I believe most other medical books are too grim and detached, neglecting the two things that helped most of us survive the often difficult medical school years: humor and relationships," Dr. Youn continues, "So I set off to write a book that both medical professionals and the general public could enjoy and appreciate, one that could entertain the reader so much they literally can't put it down."

Book Cover Photo of In Stitches
Book Cover of In Stitches

American Health and Beauty will publish a full review of Dr. Youn's book, In Stitches, next week after it has been published and released to the public. When asked "Will your children have to be doctors like your father demanded of you?," Tony's reply was "Of course not. I just finished reading The Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother, and it definitely reminded me of my dad, who was a type of Tiger Father. I plan to encourage my children to pursue whatever field of work they desire, as long as they pursue it with passion and discipline... and it involves medical school. Just kidding about that last part!"

An informative, funny and inspirational read, the editor of American Health and Beauty could not put it down.