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Do Men Get Stretch Marks?


Stretch marks aren't just for women, men have them too. Although you can't remove them entirely, there are laser treatments that help diminish the scars.

Although more common in women, men can also develop stretch marks. A stretch mark is a scar in the dermis that typically occurs because of rapid growth either through bulking up with body building or excessive weight gain. These scars are medically known as striae and they are permanent. In men, stretch marks typically occur around the abdomen, back, chest, legs and arms.

On the TV show The Doctors, plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon explains how a combination of fractional co2 lasers and pulsed dye lasers can be used to treat stretch marks. Dr. Ordon says that it usually takes at least six sessions over 8 to 10 weeks to see results.

stretch marks before and after
Courtesy of Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York

Boca Raton Dermatologist, Dr. Janee Steinberg frequently treats patients with stretch marks. Dr. Steinberg says "successful treatments include resurfacing with lasers such as Microdermabrasion, Fraxel, Thermage, Intense Pulse Light, and eMatrix." She goes on to say, "usually a series of treatments is recommended as the stimulation of collagen takes place over 6 months or more. We often recommend a combination of several of these treatments depending on the age, severity, and color of the stretch marks and skin."

Another treatment available to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks on women and men is an over the counter product: Stretch Mark Therapy by Mederma. A medical manufacturing company that is well known for their products to minimize scars, Mederma recently released the stretch mark product to help diminish the appearance of stretch marks, discoloration and improve texture of skin. In a recent study, The Wear Your Skin Proudly survey, it was found that although women felt happy and confident due to life experience and accomplishments, most surveyed also agreed that correcting their skin imperfections would improve their overall confidence.

There is no reason to suffer stretch marks - from over the counter products to resurfacing lasers, stretch marks on both women and men, have finally met their match.