At Home Omnilux New-U Device May Reduce Crow's Feet


A new treatment device available for at-home use, the Omnilux New-U, uses red and infrared light therapy to tone and tighten skin - ideal for Crow's Feet around the eyes.

Omnilux New-U Red and Infrared system is an at-home product marketed for treating fine lines and wrinkles. According to the manufacturers website, 7 out of 10 trial subjects reported a visible reduction in periorbital wrinkles and/or an improvement in skin clarity.

omnilux new-u before after
Actual Omnilux New-U Before and After Results
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As seen on The Doctors, the at home Omnilux New-U treatment begins with red light and then should be switched between infrared and red. The combination of phototherapy target specific cells that may repair the supportive structures of skin.

Omnilux combination phototherapy works with the body's own natural processes to counteract the effects of aging. The different colored lights target specific cells which are responsible for the synthesis and repair of the skin's supportive structures. Dr. Drew Ordon says "The Omnilux New-U is used for repairing damaged skin, creating new collagen, and new elastin, resulting in a little bit of lift and tightening."

The Omnilux New-U is available at and other online retailers. The manufacturer recommends 2 weekly 20-minute for 4 weeks of alternate infrared and red light. Because the Omnilux New-U uses light therapy and not lasers, the top layers of skin are not effected so there is no redness associated with product use. While there may be some immediate changes, optimal results may occur 9-12 weeks from the start of device use.

Crow's feet, lines and coloration improvements after using the OmniLux, although it is important to understand this is an at-home device. For patients desiring more dramatic results, many doctors recommend the Pelleve treatment. According to Dr. Thomas Barnes, a Newport Beach Pelleve provider, "The radio frequency energy is delivered in a very special, brand new way to help decrease wrinkles, tighten the skin all over the face - especially around the eye area and the smile lines of the face - in a matter of minutes."