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Women Suffering From High Hairlines Have Hope


Lowering hairlines on women is now possible with The Hairline Advancement Procedure, restoring proportion and balance to the face and hair.

Many women define their sense of beauty and how they feel by their hair and how it's behaving - the words "I'm having a bad hair day" are understood to be "I'm in a bad mood" in certain circles. Having perfect hair is often made even more difficult amongst women who have congenitally high hairlines or elevated hairlines due to a previous browlift surgery.

High Hairline Solution Actual Patient
Actual Patient

While the focus on balding and hair restoration is often on men, women are not immune to hair loss or severely high foreheads and hairlines. And as we age, a high forehead may be accentuated, giving women a look of baldness or even masculinity. At The Beverly Hills Institute, Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Toby Mayer are helping women lower their hairlines and restoring a sense of beauty and balance to their face and hairline.

"Hair is a symbol of virility and youth," explains Dr. Fleming, co-director of the Beverly Hills Institute with Dr. Mayer. "Women have the same desire as men when it comes to improving the way their hair looks and they want results as soon as possible to end the embarrassing problem of a too-high hairline."

In the billion dollar hair restoration industry, balding, receding or women with highly placed hairlines are all searching for a "miracle cure" to their receding hairlines. Products or hairstyles to hide receding hairlines (bangs, anyone?) may or may not work but The Hairline Advancement Procedure was developed with the sole purpose of lowering the hairline to enhance facial and hairline proportion and balance.

This procedure may be performed in conjunction with the Hairline Forehead Lift or on its own. In some cases, if there is not enough elasticity in the scalp to provide adequate advancement, a Tissue Expander may be placed under the scalp, where there is existing hair. The Expander fills slowly and over time, will the stretch the scalp needed to provide the advancement of the hair-bearing scalp and lower the hairline. After a few weeks, the Tissue Expander is removed and the the hairline can be advanced into it's new lower position through an incision that can be camouflaged at the hairline with hair that grows through.
High Hairline Solution Actual Patient
Actual Before and After Hairline Lowering Results

"Women call us from all over the world ? they are amazed that there actually is a solution for their problem. Women feel a high hairline makes them look much older and less feminine," adds Dr. Mayer. "High hairlines affect women's everyday self-assurance but with the hairline lowering procedure, women can now venture out with full confidence that their beautiful hairline will now match the rest of their beautiful, feminine facial features."