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Avoid Plastic Surgery Factories, Find The Right Facial Plastic Surgeon For You


A patient's story of how she found Dr. Anita Mandal for the Whisper Lift, a 90-minute in office surgery that took 10-15 years off by tightening her neckline, chin and jowls.

As we age, more often than not, the very first place we see the signs are on our faces. And while all women have their own reasons for consulting a physician about a cosmetic procedure, anti-aging is definitely at the top of the list. Procedures run a full spectrum, from non-invasive, such as facial fillers to surgical, such as facelifts to help women turn back the clock. After which, patients may need regular maintenance procedures throughout the years to remain looking fresh and rejuvenated.

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As in the case with Lisa,* a 68 year old patient in Delray Beach, FL, who had her second face lift and blepharoplasty 10 years ago, Lisa recently began noticing more prominent "sagging under her chin, lower face and neck." She inquired amongst her friends who had recently undergone lower face and neck lifts about their experiences and found that many had gone to what she called "Plastic Surgery Factories," with claims of many doctors and low fees.

What was important to Lisa was finding a physician specialized in the face and neck with the skill and artistry of a surgeon. When she consulted with Palm Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Anita Mandal, she found not only a board certified facial plastic surgeon, but a woman that she could relate to. "As a woman, I felt comfortable talking to her and she was very knowledgeable about answering all my questions. She was genuinely interested in me and showed me how I would look and explained exactly what she would be doing."

After immediately meeting with Dr. Mandal, Lisa took a leap of faith and scheduled a Whisper Lift to address her concerns with her lower face and neck.

Dr. Mandal, who developed the Whisper Lift for patients just like Lisa, who may have had previous facial work or for patients who were not quite ready for a full traditional facelift quite yet. After she numbs the areas with local anesthesia, Dr. Mandal tightens the underlying muscles and skin in the neck and jowl area, leaving natural-looking, long lasting rejuvenation, but with the added benefits of low risk anesthesia and minimal downtime. The procedure is completed in approximately 90 minutes in one of Dr. Mandal's on-site surgical suites.

After Lisa's procedure, she reported a brief downtime and minimal pain but most importantly, she was thrilled with her results! "The aftercare I received from Dr. Mandal was outstanding and I felt comfortable calling and speaking to her about any questions I had."

A few weeks after the Whisper Lift, Lisa returned to Dr. Mandal for BOTOX and a few other facial fillers to completely smooth out her new look. Lisa says, "I have used these products for many years and I can honestly say that Dr. Mandal is a true genius in this area as well. Any concerns I've had, I had no qualms about talking to Dr. Mandal about them. She is a lovely person and a truly gifted surgeon."

For more information or to schedule a consultation for the Whisper Lift, call Dr. Anita Mandal: 866-539-0498

*Name changed in the interest of the patient.
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